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Comfort Food – Lasagna

Every once in a while, I do something quite genius.  And this summer,  I had a genius moment.  I decided to cook lasagna, the same recipe I’ve used for years from Emeril Lagasse, which calls for ⅓ lb. ground beef, ⅓ lb. ground pork, and ⅓ lb. ground veal.  The store I shopped at only sold ground veal in 1 lb. packages.  So, in … Read More Comfort Food – Lasagna

Holiday Stuff and Such

It’s the advent of Advent. And since I am always—ALWAYS—standing at Michael’s on the first Sunday of Advent afternoon, begging for someone, anyone to show me a pink taper candle in November, I thought I would share my newest and greatest discovery: THERE ARE PACKS OF ADVENT CANDLES FOR SALE ON AMAZON!!! With Prime shipping even. Which means you could have your Advent candles … Read More Holiday Stuff and Such

I Suck at Cakes

Vanessa, from Suburban Mama Goddess, posted before Christmas that she baked an ugly cake. I felt her pain. I was ten the first time I made a cake all by myself. It was from a box, but I still took it very seriously. While it was in the oven, I didn’t go outside and play with my brothers. I sat on a chair in … Read More I Suck at Cakes

Christmas Cobbler

Can we start with this: On Christmas Eve, it snowed on our hill. Look at my babies. They have no idea what to do. On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: a dessert hack. Our new home town is also home to Harry and David, gourmet grocers, famous for their Moose Munch and gift baskets. Their flagship store also … Read More Christmas Cobbler

DIY Chicken Broth

I have noticed that more home cooking calls for more chicken broth. Soups, stews, rice, quinoa, roast—I end up using a ton of it, pretty much all year round. And the only way it comes organic at our store is in a 32 oz container. I never use it all at one meal unless it’s the holidays so I end up tossing whatever is … Read More DIY Chicken Broth

Ice-y Creamy Ice Cream

The first time I made ice cream from scratch was thirty years ago. It was with one of those old fashioned salt crank makers and when I tasted the fruit of our (what felt like five hours) labor, I had one thought: Not worth it. Then five years ago I was flipping through a Williams Sonoma catalog when it came to my attention that … Read More Ice-y Creamy Ice Cream

Eggplant Parmigiana ~ Dana

Jen’s husband, Shea, makes a killer eggplant parm. Sadly, this is not that recipe. But in my quest to find a good one, I hit up my fantasy best friend, Martha Stewart. I’m not sure out of which issue of Martha Stewart Living I tore this, but it’s absolutely delicious. I posted pictures of it on Facebook a few months ago and several of … Read More Eggplant Parmigiana ~ Dana

Not Your Mama’s Sauce ~ Jen

Fires, Family, Football and Food! We love Thanksgiving here at Full of Graces.  We’re coming at you lots this week: Cranberries today, swiss beans tomorrow and spicy pumpkin pie on Wednesday.  When I decided that I could be a scratch cooking diva in the kitchen, cranberries were my first throw down. “How hard can it be?” I asked my cousin over a bottle of … Read More Not Your Mama’s Sauce ~ Jen

Welcome Autumn! ~ Dana

Well, it’s official.  Autumn is finally here!  And no, I don’t mean just the arrival of the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks (although that is quickly becoming one of my favorite things of autumn!). I’ve always loved autumn, and when I moved to Austria, I fell in love with it even more.  The changing of the seasons is visible everywhere there. The local restaurants … Read More Welcome Autumn! ~ Dana

Roast a Chicken…Don’t be Scared!

We used to be scared of roasting a whole chicken. And not just because of the  raw chicken thing. It seemed too much like roasting a turkey, and that’s a big dang deal. But then we noticed that whole chickens are often on sale for less than $5 each. That was too good a deal to pass up for dinner and leftovers. And then … Read More Roast a Chicken…Don’t be Scared!

Homemade Summer Fruit Yogurt Pops

It’s AUGUST! In our part of the world, that means the kids are headed back to school soon and NFL players are reporting to training camp. As a bonus, the Dodgers are leading the NL West and the Giants suck. All is well. We thought we’d share a fun summer recipe we use with our kids. It’s a great go-to when the late summer … Read More Homemade Summer Fruit Yogurt Pops

I can ~ Jen

Not like “Yes I can!” Like can food. Jams and applesauce, mostly. Butters. Once, lemon curd. It feels weird to admit this. Maybe because Dana and I have realized that with our recipes and our stories, we might be crossing over into crunchy granola SAHM mom-dom. There is nothing wrong with crunchy granola moms, but we don’t fit the mold. We’re more like cancer … Read More I can ~ Jen

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