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I want to tell you something about that kid who had to cut his dreads to wrestle. The ref is the villain of this story. But the failure is not his. He has been honest about who he is. The failure rests elsewhere. Andrew Johnson is 16 years old. I know 16 year olds. They were my whole career. And I don’t need to … Read More


Sisters, we got a puppy. I KNOW. But here’s what happened. Two weeks ago I was driving the kids home from Sunday school and when I got to the intersection where the Humane society is located, I felt the command to turn. “Where’re we going?” Gabe asked. “Let’s go look at dogs.” “Are we getting one????” Annie squealed from the back seat. “Only if … Read More Dasher

From One Jen to Another

Dear Jen Hatmaker, I just finished Of Mess and Moxie. Thanks for the laughs. Like all good books, it taught me a lesson. I thought I should share it, because sharing is caring and all that jazz. You wrote this in Chapter 21, How To (Part Four): How to do the laundry: “8. Remember the darks! Yay, you! Despair at the light load in … Read More From One Jen to Another

I Know Where Jesus Is

An hour ago, I was snuggled up on my couch in the soft glow of my Christmas tree, reveling in how ready I am for Christmas. God has since flicked me in the forehead. Clarissa Pinkola Estes posted this on Facebook. Then CNN. Then I started looking around. Then I was ashamed, and here I am. I know about Aleppo. I know about the … Read More I Know Where Jesus Is

Reap What You Sow

Women have a wound of fear in our spirits. We have it because we are from Venus. We carry it with us, generation to generation. It’s not about men. This is not the fault of men. But we have this wound, from whispered family gossip and front page tabloid stories. We have it when we are large with child and when we are middle … Read More Reap What You Sow

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