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Dinner of Champions

Paula and I lived together all through our 20s. One of our apartments was a two bedroom, one bathroom on the bottom floor of a two story building built in a mid-century style. Big, wide floor to ceiling windows in the living room and light green tile in the kitchen. We called it the cave because it was always cool and dark in that … Read More Dinner of Champions

DIY Chicken Broth

I have noticed that more home cooking calls for more chicken broth. Soups, stews, rice, quinoa, roast—I end up using a ton of it, pretty much all year round. And the only way it comes organic at our store is in a 32 oz container. I never use it all at one meal unless it’s the holidays so I end up tossing whatever is … Read More DIY Chicken Broth

All about the bucket

One of the things that Dana and I have noticed about being sparkly Queen of the Castle moms who happen to make a lot of our food and cleaning supplies from scratch, is that if we say that we order pure goat milk soap from this awesome homeschooling family in Pennsylvania, people will automatically assume that we’re crunchy. Or if I talk about canning … Read More All about the bucket

Cravin’ ~ Jen

One of the best things about blogging has been the other bloggers that we’ve “met”. Miss Indeedy is a Christian mom somewhere in New England with two kids, a past volleyball career and a passion for Alabama football. She writes with a gentle wit and faith that we just love. A while ago, she introduced another Christian website called Proverbs 31 Ministry. Secular feminists … Read More Cravin’ ~ Jen

Suzanne’s Spicy Pumpkin Pie* ~ Jen

We hope that you are feeling calm and ready for tomorrow. We got this. We all got this. Happy Thanksgiving from our families to yours. We are so thankful to count you among our many graces! *Courtesy of http://www.simplyrecipes.com A few years after I conquered cranberry sauce, I decided to take on pumpkin pie. “How hard could it be?” I asked my cousin over … Read More Suzanne’s Spicy Pumpkin Pie* ~ Jen

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