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God Calling

I forgot to tell you a story about Vacation Bible School. The theme was hearing God’s call in our lives. One of the first things I knew I wanted to do was have a phone call from God every morning to kick us off. Joyce, our director of ministries, thought this was awesome sauce. Not because of the edgy, cool connection between technology and … Read More God Calling


First, a little History of These United States That You Don’t Often Hear in History Class. There was a reason the Puritans were not welcomed in England. It’s because they were craaazzzzy. No really. Go read the source material, or just grab your kid’s 11th grade lit book. Start with William Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation. Then do some research on how they ran their … Read More Puritanical

My Girl Martha

Two Sundays ago, the Gospel reading was the Lazarus story from John 11. It’s only glancingly about Lazarus. He died. They buried him. It’s more about Martha, who came running out to meet Jesus and speak some truth right at Him: If you had been here, he would not have died, which is a conversation we’ll be having later. Right now, you can fix … Read More My Girl Martha

My Babies Are Your Babies Are My Babies

“We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”  Steve King I have grown. I used to fear and pray for and love over only my own children. For so long, that was my measure of personal well-being, if my own babies were healthy and happy. My world was small because I was so scared. And I was scared because my world was so … Read More My Babies Are Your Babies Are My Babies

Be the Light

  For so many of us, this week feels dangerous. People are getting ready, which means different things to different folks. Some are going to guard the gates. And some are going to shepherd others to safety until the storm passes. We all have a call to justice. But we have to listen to the way of the call. For me, even though my … Read More Be the Light

The Church needs to BE CHURCH

  A few weeks ago, Glennon of Momastery announced that she is in a relationship with international soccer super star Abby Wambach. Since Glennon writes from a (fairly fluid) Christian perspective, this caused somewhat of a ruckus. Glennon’s announcement follows on the heels-ish of Jen Hatmaker’s statement in support of gay marriage last Spring. The Christian right is a wee bit peeved at the … Read More The Church needs to BE CHURCH

Work Quietly and Eat Your Own Food

Gloating is a sin. Hatred is a sin. Anger to wound another is a sin. Whining should be a sin. By these standards the whole nation needs a time out. The. WHOLE. nation. If this is an end of something, it was a long time coming and we all drove the bus. I don’t think it’s the end. I think it’s the truth, and … Read More Work Quietly and Eat Your Own Food

It’s What We Need

I don’t know what to say and I am not alone. There are only so many ways to write “Love each other” before we all start sounding like a Beatles songs, after they started doing the hallucinogenics. So instead, I want to show you something. In the Catholic church, we use a lectionary for the readings at church. The lectionary is a book that … Read More It’s What We Need

Hold the Bridge

The last 48 hours have torn our social fabric into pieces. Again. It is such a human, natural reaction to take sides and dig in.  To hold the line. In my tiny little slice of the world, I have huddled like a turtle in my shell, watching my social media and the comments of news articles. My friends who are people of color are speaking … Read More Hold the Bridge


We used to play a game with our students before we read Arthur Miller’s The Crucible called Pitchforks or Pie Forks? We gave the kids a list of the characters with brief descriptions and then asked them to judge if the character deserved a pitchfork (visit from an angry mob) or pie fork (accepted friend). It was a predictable exercise at the beginning. Abigail … Read More Pitchforks

Love, Friendship, Faith

Kate is making her First Communion with four of her good friends. So the moms hired a photographer and on Sunday we dressed them up, took them to a pretty farm and took pictures. Officially, to mark the importance of the occasion. But in the far-reaching, planner’s part of my heart, it’s so we have these pictures to show at rehearsal dinners when they … Read More Love, Friendship, Faith

Holy Grace

  Sometimes I get a little nudge that I haven’t talked about Grace in a while. This Sunday it was a BIG nudge. On Holy Thursday night, the Apostle Peter, who my church recognizes as the first earthly leader of the Church, denied that he knew Jesus three times. As Jesus had foretold at the Last Supper. I have never blamed Peter. Our first … Read More Holy Grace

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