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Be the Light

  For so many of us, this week feels dangerous. People are getting ready, which means different things to different folks. Some are going to guard the gates. And some are going to shepherd others to safety until the storm passes. We all have a call to justice. But we have to listen to the way of the call. For me, even though my … Read More Be the Light

Living in the Digital Age

These past few weeks have been filled with nostalgia and dust. Lots of dust. At the age of 93, my Grandma Betty has moved into an assisted living home. Her health is touch and go, her eyesight is bad, and sometimes, she just can’t remember to eat. For us grandkids, this is devastating. Grandma Betty has lived in the same house since the 1950s. … Read More Living in the Digital Age

Can Is Not Should.

My niece has been visiting the last two weeks. On Saturday, she was thinking about her next time to visit us. She has a friend who goes to Oregon University and his older brother is moving back to California to take a job. But before he starts the job, he wants to road trip up to see his brother at Oregon. “So I could … Read More Can Is Not Should.

Still Planting, Still Growing

We’ve just passed up our two-year anniversary here on Full of Graces. Last week, Jen and I were talking about some of our favorite posts that we have written. Immediately my mind jumped to the post I wrote about Planting Trees. I remember that we had just moved into our new house and the kids were so little. My husband’s parents gave us a … Read More Still Planting, Still Growing

Come As You Are

I’ve been trying to write this post about the Drummer Boy and folks who don’t go to church because they think they aren’t good enough. It wasn’t working. I was trying too hard to say the right words. So here are the true words instead. My favorite Christmas song is “The Little Drummer Boy”. I like it because it’s a song for the outcasts. … Read More Come As You Are

For Meg

If you follow us on Facebook, you know we have been praying for Meg, a friend of Amy’s who was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant with her second daughter. Just a few, too short weeks ago, she found out that her cancer was back, stage 4, aggressive. Elle is 5. Baby Cora is four months. Sam is their daddy. I don’t know Meg. But … Read More For Meg

Buying and Selling

When Shea and I bought our current house, it was at the height of the real estate market in So Cal. We did what so many other folks did—we toured the Inland Empire on Saturdays, looking at models of homes still to be built. We entered our names into lotteries and huddled with hundreds of other people at 7 am, waiting to hear our … Read More Buying and Selling

Every Marriage Matters ~ Guest Post by Terri

It’s a big day! Everyone, please meet Jen’s mom Terri, our special guest blogger. She has been married to Ted for almost 46 years, and together they raised Jen and her two brothers, which was no small adventure. Now there are 8 grandkids begging her to retire from her impressive health care career. We are so proud to have her here today, with such … Read More Every Marriage Matters ~ Guest Post by Terri

Oregon Trail*

So remember this post last Fall? We were waiting for some for guidance around Shea’s job. Was he supposed to stay in his current position  where he was successful and respected, but missed working with people on a daily basis? Or should he go back to being an agent, where he got to work with people, and give up a promising career in leadership? … Read More Oregon Trail*

Suffer Well ~ Dana

We’re just a couple days away from Mother’s Day, a day to honor and celebrate moms, and grandmas, and aunts who raised us, and the women we know who are doing a spectacular job of mothering. It’s a day of breakfast in bed, made by dads or other moms, and little hands, a day of flowers and jewelry, a day of sappy cards, maybe … Read More Suffer Well ~ Dana

Look at the Fruit ~ Jen

Big ups to Adopting James for blowing my mind on this one. Last week, AJ posted an article by the band Switchfoot, in which the lead singer said he doesn’t want to be known as a Christian singer because he thinks people then make the assumption that he is a better Christian than other musicians. He believes that we all have one calling: obedience. … Read More Look at the Fruit ~ Jen

Conservative Feminists and Arrogance

Dana and I are Feminists from way back. Maybe you’ve noticed. So we take issue when a group of powerful and important women trash Feminism, which is what happened last week at the Heritage Foundation’s celebration of Women’s History Month, “Evaluating Feminism, Its Failures and Its Future”. These women have some serious hubris. Do they even know what the word Feminist means? Feminism is a … Read More Conservative Feminists and Arrogance

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