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Life, Interrupted

  How many times could that be the title that best describes our lives? Interrupted. We’ve been interrupted. Not by anything particularly significant but by a series of things–the start of the school year, the change in weather (or not, in So Cal), a glitchy computer. We work hard to keep so many balls in the air that it’s hard to stop them all … Read More Life, Interrupted

I Suck at Cakes

Vanessa, from Suburban Mama Goddess, posted before Christmas that she baked an ugly cake. I felt her pain. I was ten the first time I made a cake all by myself. It was from a box, but I still took it very seriously. While it was in the oven, I didn’t go outside and play with my brothers. I sat on a chair in … Read More I Suck at Cakes

When Facebook Calls You Skim Milk

You know how something stupid can get you thinking? Last week one of my friends posted “Which TV mom are you?” The pictures were of Claire Huxtable, Roseanne and Peg Bundy. I am Claire, minus the law degree I thought to myself. No nonsense, fair, funny. For sure. And then I got Cindy Walsh from Beverly Hills 90210. Dang. Cindy was skim milk—good for … Read More When Facebook Calls You Skim Milk

Slowing Wonder Woman Down

My younger self would have seen this statement as a challenge and asked with a saucy smile, “Are you sure about that?” This older and wiser version of me knows better and actually grieves the years I spent trying to be too many things to too many people. My mantra used to be “I got this” with little thought to whether I needed to … Read More Slowing Wonder Woman Down

August Is Breast Feeding Awareness Month ~ Guest Post by Jennifer

My name is Jennifer and I met Jen and Dana when we were all teachers. Now I am a homemaker for my amazing husband, two beautiful sons, and one slightly neurotic cocker spaniel. In July, Jen and Dana invited me to guest post with the instructions to write about something that “fired me up”. I never anticipated breastfeeding to be the topic that pushed … Read More August Is Breast Feeding Awareness Month ~ Guest Post by Jennifer

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