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“Good Grace” by Hillsong United

You know when you hear a song and all the hairs stand up on your head? This one. Maybe it’s because I am feeling grateful beyond words that my friend and her family escaped disaster last week when their home caught fire. Maybe too, at the love they have been shown since. God is good. People are good. Life is good. Still. Somebody needs … Read More “Good Grace” by Hillsong United

To the Cougar at the Pool

Let me get this straight. You really thought you were going to bring your perfectly make-up’d, perfectly coiffed, cougar self to the club on a holiday to lounge in the pool, flirt with the lifeguards and keep your hair dry? Lady, you had one too many organic agave margaritas. There is a reason the rest of us are wearing ball caps. We all have … Read More To the Cougar at the Pool

The Mom Gets in the Pool*

*With a tip of the hat to Allison Tate’s “The Mom Stays in the Picture” Yesterday I spent four hours at the official opening of the neighborhood pool, which we joined for the summer. There were at least 200 people at this party. You know how many moms got in the pool over the course of four hours? Six. At one point I counted … Read More The Mom Gets in the Pool*

Ciao, Summer

It has been one of the greatest summers of my motherhood. But I am not sad to see it go. We’ve been to all the movies. I liked Kubo and the Two Strings best with Pete’s Dragon a close second. We swam in pools, lakes, rivers and oceans. We camped and hoteled and grandma’d. Went to bed at 10 and woke up at 9. … Read More Ciao, Summer


Some kids read books the first week of summer. Some kids go to camp. Gabriel decided he wanted to make chocolate cupcakes with strawberry butter cream frosting. From scratch. I was ten when I made my first cake. It didn’t go well and the trend has continued my whole life. However, Shea is awesome at cakes. He made this for Kate’s shark party last year. … Read More Cupcake-pocalypse

Leave The Thighs Out of It

It’s that time of year again, mamas. You have to decide—are you going to be the mom who sits on the sidelines, fully clothed. Or are you going to be the mom who gets in the pool? We had some success with this post last year. My favorite was the story of the grandmother who at age 69 hadn’t been in a pool in … Read More Leave The Thighs Out of It

Summer 2015: Camp Happy Update

Clear water swimming is a lot less stressful than ocean water swimming. (Except when your son yells “Mom, I found an underwater cave!” and you tell him not to swim through it and he already did. That’s stressful, maybe even more than the thought of a shark lurking in the surf.) We have enjoyed swimming holes and rainbow trout nibbling our toes and water … Read More Summer 2015: Camp Happy Update

Road Trip!

We just got home from a family road trip where we drove this many miles: The kids were rock stars. I mean…rock solid rock stars. We drove in 12 hour increments and they stood it. No tears, no whining, no fights. Before you think we are raising angels, please. We have a 3rd row seat. Separation is the key to happiness, folks. We stopped … Read More Road Trip!

Summer Boom

Back in California, we had summer thunderstorms. But nothin’ like what happened on Tuesday. If we lived somewhere flat, I’d have been huddling in the cellar. Because there is no that the sky can be these colors without mayhem following. Sustained wind at 40 mph? Blowing all the newly mown field grass and dirt up the street? Up to 100 lightning strikes per hour? … Read More Summer Boom

Summer Spaghetti Salad ~ Dana

What a weird summer we are having, right? I talked to Aunt Candy who lives in Ohio this morning, and she said that it has been in the 50s at night, and the mornings smell like fall. And here in Southern California, it’s 4:00 in the afternoon and my air conditioner hasn’t kicked on all day. I don’t know if you know what that … Read More Summer Spaghetti Salad ~ Dana


I hate the summers Inland California. Hate is a strong word, I know, but I mean it with every fiber of my being. Sometime in early June, the thermometer hits 97 and it doesn’t dip below that number for the next four months. In other places, summer lasts 75-90 days. Here: 120. Our summer is like winter in Wisconsin or Maine. The kids cannot … Read More Roasting

Celebrating Midsummer ~ Dana

Here in the United States, most of us only know about Midsummer from the Shakespearean play, Midsummer Night’s Dream, but Midsummer isn’t a holiday that is celebrated by the general population. Midsummer is another name for the Summer Solstice, which is the longest day and shortest night, of the calendar year, which takes place on June 21st. Flowers and fruits are in full bloom, … Read More Celebrating Midsummer ~ Dana

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