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Why I’m Grateful for My Breakdown

Today is World Maternal Mental Health Awareness Day. Inspired by Dr. Christina Hibbert, I want to tell you about the good that severe postpartum anxiety has wrought in my life. I had a day five years ago when I thought the only way out was OUT. That was my lowest point. But was also my saving grace. Because of my postpartum breakdown, I reached out … Read More Why I’m Grateful for My Breakdown

Making the Pieces Fit: The True Story of My Quilt

In 2012, my recovery from postpartum anxiety coincided with the first Fall in 35 years when kids went back to school, and I did not. Instead, I stayed home with a 5 month old who still took two naps a day. I found myself with a lot of time on my hands—twitchy hands that needed something to do. At first, to battle the guilt … Read More Making the Pieces Fit: The True Story of My Quilt

Put the “Be Jesus” Back

Lenten reading can be hard on your soul. It challenges and convicts. It parks your heart in the shadow of the Cross and makes you look up. I have never been good at looking up. I don’t want to see. I tell myself it is enough to know. Everything I read tells me that I’m wrong. My suffering has not been enough, although it … Read More Put the “Be Jesus” Back

Hurricane Mama

Why are we changing the rules? Did something happen when I looked the other way? Why do things feel different? Are we ok? This is what anxiety sisters do when the applecart is upset. We ask a lot of questions, rapid-fire. We wait a good 1.5 seconds for answers. When they don’t come, we know this is a sign of the apocalypse. I’m going … Read More Hurricane Mama

What I Will Tell My Kids by Jen

The first time I told the story of my severe postpartum anxiety, I had to think about what I was doing. Telling my story out loud, on the internet, where it would live forever. Where someday, my kids will see it. That was scary, so I almost didn’t tell it all. I was going to leave out the part about seeing a demon hallucination … Read More What I Will Tell My Kids by Jen

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