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Easy Homemade Pasta Sauce from an Expert

This is Sue: Sue has been in my life since high school. Her son Ryan and my brother Joe were best friends and teammates. She and my mom and dad got close sitting together at football games. Then, since most of Sue’s family lives in Nor Cal, she started coming to holiday meals. Then Family night. Then twenty years ago on Christmas we officially … Read More Easy Homemade Pasta Sauce from an Expert

A Season of Hope ~ Guest Post by Amy

Amy is how we all got to know Meg. We prayed for her health and then we prayed her through the door of this life into the next. Meg left behind a husband and two young girls, one only an infant. This is their first Christmas without their mama. No doubt, Meg’s husband Sam will struggle as he learns to walk without his partner, … Read More A Season of Hope ~ Guest Post by Amy

Pennies on the Dollar

It’s October. You wearing pink? Dana and I have stayed away from this because even though I am a survivor of not-breast cancer and her dad passed away from not-breast cancer and America is coming to the realization that the whole pink thing is kind of a sham (where the money doesn’t go where they say and cancer-causing chemicals are sold in pink bottles), … Read More Pennies on the Dollar

DIY Chicken Broth

I have noticed that more home cooking calls for more chicken broth. Soups, stews, rice, quinoa, roast—I end up using a ton of it, pretty much all year round. And the only way it comes organic at our store is in a 32 oz container. I never use it all at one meal unless it’s the holidays so I end up tossing whatever is … Read More DIY Chicken Broth

All about the bucket

One of the things that Dana and I have noticed about being sparkly Queen of the Castle moms who happen to make a lot of our food and cleaning supplies from scratch, is that if we say that we order pure goat milk soap from this awesome homeschooling family in Pennsylvania, people will automatically assume that we’re crunchy. Or if I talk about canning … Read More All about the bucket

The Names We Call Ourselves ~ Jen

For a long time I have thought about a tattoo to commemorate that I am a cancer survivor. But for four years, I haven’t done it. The hesitation came from something I read in an illness recovery book, that we have to be careful about the way we visualize our illness and our struggle against it. It makes so much sense not to use … Read More The Names We Call Ourselves ~ Jen

Dryer Balls

Update: Aaron is getting a dog! The Angel for Aaron page raised $12,000 in seven days. Seven. It wasn’t just money that made that happen, so thanks to everyone who donated, prayed and shared. The dog won’t be in the house for another 12-18 months, but we’ll keep you posted. Two years ago Shea had enough State Farm points that we could get a … Read More Dryer Balls

Best Use of Cheap Vodka

Six weeks ago, I rolled into Albertson’s before gym class with Annie in tow and bought a $9 plastic gallon of vodka. The lady at the check-out processed my purchase in silence, but her eyebrows disappeared into her hairline. The girl bagging held the bottle up, shook her head and cut a look at the bagger in the next lane. It was 8:45 am … Read More Best Use of Cheap Vodka

Resolution Revolution~ Jen

It’s January and the TV and radio are full of ads for gyms and diets. I know that’s normal, but it’s grinding on me this year. Because even though Dana and I have been in the gym for almost a year, I have gained 15 lbs. I know, I know, we’re not supposed to talk about actual lbs. We’re supposed to use euphemisms like … Read More Resolution Revolution~ Jen

Not Your Mama’s Sauce ~ Jen

Fires, Family, Football and Food! We love Thanksgiving here at Full of Graces.  We’re coming at you lots this week: Cranberries today, swiss beans tomorrow and spicy pumpkin pie on Wednesday.  When I decided that I could be a scratch cooking diva in the kitchen, cranberries were my first throw down. “How hard can it be?” I asked my cousin over a bottle of … Read More Not Your Mama’s Sauce ~ Jen

Roast a Chicken…Don’t be Scared!

We used to be scared of roasting a whole chicken. And not just because of the  raw chicken thing. It seemed too much like roasting a turkey, and that’s a big dang deal. But then we noticed that whole chickens are often on sale for less than $5 each. That was too good a deal to pass up for dinner and leftovers. And then … Read More Roast a Chicken…Don’t be Scared!

Homemade Summer Fruit Yogurt Pops

It’s AUGUST! In our part of the world, that means the kids are headed back to school soon and NFL players are reporting to training camp. As a bonus, the Dodgers are leading the NL West and the Giants suck. All is well. We thought we’d share a fun summer recipe we use with our kids. It’s a great go-to when the late summer … Read More Homemade Summer Fruit Yogurt Pops

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