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Poon With Marshmallows

My sainted grandmother used to make a thing that was called sweet potato poon. It had marshmallows. That’s all I remember about it. That and the year she was NOT DRUNK, NOT DRUNK I TELL YOU and left it under the broiler until the marshmallows caught on fire. A few years ago, I went looking for a poon recipe. Couldn’t find one. Not online. … Read More Poon With Marshmallows

Emmanuel is Coming!

I know you still have your fat pants on. But Advent is coming. I’m not rushing you. I have glad tidings: This year we have a whole week to get ready. None of this Thanksgiving on Thursday, Advent starts on Sunday madness. Seven days, sisters. Find your advent calendars. Or if–like me–you aren’t allowed to disturb the carefully crafted storage box fort in the … Read More Emmanuel is Coming!

Cooking With Grandma

Last Thursday Shea had his knee surgery so my mom has been here helping out. She always comes with a trick up her grandma sleeve and this week, she made her famous taco salad. A warning for my Mexican friends: Gringa. And very loose use of the word “taco”. Proceed with caution. She cooks up a pound of ground beef and heats a mixture of … Read More Cooking With Grandma

All. Things. Peaches.

Moving to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches! Last Friday I bought a 25 lb box of New Haven peaches for $20 at our local Beebe Farms. That’s $.80/lb for a pesticide-free, locally grown and perfectly ripe box of opportunity. Said box looked smaller at the farm than it did on my kitchen counter. I didn’t keep a specific count, but I … Read More All. Things. Peaches.

Cookies Hold the Bridge

There’s this thing my neighbor Julie and I do, and it kind of started as a joke. Last Fall, I baked too much of something fun and sent a bunch over to her family on this turkey plate. About a week later, I got the plate back with something equally fun. After a while, I sent something over on the plate again. Sure enough, … Read More Cookies Hold the Bridge

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