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Do You Want To Know?

So, Fortnight. Don’t worry, I’m not going all Prince Harry here. To me, there’s very little difference between spending hours on Fortnight talking to friends and the hours I spent on the phone when I was 13 talking to friends. But. My mom couldn’t hear my friends unless she picked up the extension. I can hear it all from the Fortnight. I have said … Read More Do You Want To Know?


And I can say, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that an opponent’s good looks have never intimidated me on the court.  Not once.  Not when I was 11, not when I was 21.  And not even today when I’m 42 and playing after 2 c-sections and a hernia.

The Best Princess of Them All

Sleeping Beauty hit the big screen in 1959. Ariel swam along in 1989. In between, there was only one princess in the world and she had cinnamon buns on the sides of her head. I was 5 when Star Wars premiered. You know what I wanted for Christmas? A blaster. I was 12 for Return of the Jedi. It wasn’t until years later that … Read More The Best Princess of Them All


This is Alejandro.   He’s ten. We met him last year when he and Gabe played together during basketball season. He’ll be mad at me for saying this, but he’s adorable. And a baller. Plays mean defense with his good buddy Alex. But he was gone a lot from practice, and he missed some games. When I finally saw his mom Kyndra again I … Read More Believe

Cookies Hold the Bridge

There’s this thing my neighbor Julie and I do, and it kind of started as a joke. Last Fall, I baked too much of something fun and sent a bunch over to her family on this turkey plate. About a week later, I got the plate back with something equally fun. After a while, I sent something over on the plate again. Sure enough, … Read More Cookies Hold the Bridge

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