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Biblical Sisterhood

Two weeks ago I served on a retreat team, and made a presentation. I’m sharing it here in edited form.  The story of Ruth and Naomi in the Bible is the source of that beautiful church song “Wherever you go, I will go”. It’s popular at weddings, but the deep truth of that Scripture is about sisterhood: Once upon a time there was a … Read More Biblical Sisterhood

And Then I Said “Younger Self, listen to me”

Too much, women lie to each other to soften the blows of life. We—you and I—do it. Not so much anymore, but when we were in the throes of our twenties, we did it. I get why we did it, because when our best girlfriend is a puddle of hurt and anger at our feet, we just want to make it go away. You’re … Read More And Then I Said “Younger Self, listen to me”


When you move, there’s this: making friends. Before we moved, I thought about it, but more like “Oh, we’ll make friends!” or “The kids will make friends!” Not once did I remember that making friends is like dating. I HATED dating. We are a very social family. We say the garage door is always open because the front door is just too stuffy. Come … Read More Dating

Oregon Trail Part 1: Campgrounds and Football Games

They said they were coming at 7 am, and the big truck rolled down the street at 6:45. Shea put flip-flops on to take the kids to school and when he came back, every single other pair of shoes was packed. I got distracted while moving the kitchen supplies into the trailer and when I went back at 9:30 am, all the pots and … Read More Oregon Trail Part 1: Campgrounds and Football Games

Women Who Come Running When

On Halloween we trick or treated with neighbor friends, because that’s how we do. Steffani and Laurie know each other through me. They both have three year old daughters, Clare and Abigail, who decided that they had to trick or treat holding hands. Since Annie refused to get out of her stroller, I kept up with the older kids as they ran from door … Read More Women Who Come Running When


Something about this time of year lends itself to skulking in the shadows and making mischief. And I come from a long line of folks who do their best work at night. We like things that go bump in the night. We like mystery and intrigue and we like to surprise and be surprised. So the first time we got Boo’d, I knew this … Read More BOO!

For Meg

If you follow us on Facebook, you know we have been praying for Meg, a friend of Amy’s who was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant with her second daughter. Just a few, too short weeks ago, she found out that her cancer was back, stage 4, aggressive. Elle is 5. Baby Cora is four months. Sam is their daddy. I don’t know Meg. But … Read More For Meg

What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do ~ Dana

A good friend of mine texted me last week to me know that her father passed away. He had been sick for a long time and over the course of his illness, she and I had many conversations about this process of losing a parent to cancer. When I told another friend the news, she said to me, “Oh, she’s lucky to have you. … Read More What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do ~ Dana

Above It All

There’s this song on the radio by For King and Country called “Fix My Eyes”. It’s been around for bit, but you know when you’re driving along and you hear a familiar song in a new way? That’s what happened here. I finally tuned in to the words of the chorus: Love like I’m not scared Give when it’s not fair Live life for … Read More Above It All

90 Days and Counting!

My friend Paula is pregnant for the first time. Paula and I have been friends for 20 years. We played volleyball together in high school, then taught and lived together for ten years until I married Shea. This Spring, her husband Jimmy, who is a National Park Service Ranger, got transferred far away. They moved in her first trimester. New place, new home, no … Read More 90 Days and Counting!

Heart Warrior ~ Guest Post by Shalimar Niles

You know when you meet someone and they radiate calm kindness and patience? The kind that actually calms your own heart just from being in their presence? Meet our new friend Shalimar. She is one of Kate’s Girl Scout troop leaders and I was amazed by her before I heard the story she’s about to tell. We invited her here because this woman’s life … Read More Heart Warrior ~ Guest Post by Shalimar Niles

Mouthy Women

This morning, Dana and I made it to yoga for the first time in two weeks. My kids have been sick, her kids have been sick, and the dang time changed. You know what I’m saying right? One of those weeks. So what to write about? We just passed the one year anniversary of Full of Graces….Almost 500 honest to goodness readers…we just had … Read More Mouthy Women

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