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Into the Desert–A different way to think about Lent

I have always tried to find a better way to come at Lent with my kids. This year is no different, as we are 1 day out and Annie is settled on giving up the monkey bars. God bless her little heart, she loves her some monkey bars. It’s probably too much to expect a 7-year-old to be reflective, but Gabe and Kate are … Read More Into the Desert–A different way to think about Lent

Yeah, but why is he yelling?

Most of the protesters drove by in cars. But this guy stood on our side of the street. Since we were walking on the sidewalk, he was standing in the bushes, inches from the marchers. “WE NEED OUR GUNS” he yelled. “WE AREN’T SAFE HERE.” Then, strangely “IF YOU DON’T LIKE GUNS, GO TO MEXICO.” A grandmother in front of us stopped. She spoke … Read More Yeah, but why is he yelling?

Average Mom

My friend Tonya posted this on her Facebook page. I paid close attention because she doesn’t usually say this much. It’s pretty phenomenal, so I asked if I could share it here.  My children all unanimously decided I was “an average mom”. We were all having a deep and insightful conversation over dinner last night, and at one point in the dialoguing, I was … Read More Average Mom


Sisters, we got a puppy. I KNOW. But here’s what happened. Two weeks ago I was driving the kids home from Sunday school and when I got to the intersection where the Humane society is located, I felt the command to turn. “Where’re we going?” Gabe asked. “Let’s go look at dogs.” “Are we getting one????” Annie squealed from the back seat. “Only if … Read More Dasher

From One Jen to Another

Dear Jen Hatmaker, I just finished Of Mess and Moxie. Thanks for the laughs. Like all good books, it taught me a lesson. I thought I should share it, because sharing is caring and all that jazz. You wrote this in Chapter 21, How To (Part Four): How to do the laundry: “8. Remember the darks! Yay, you! Despair at the light load in … Read More From One Jen to Another

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