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Urban Foraging*

It turns out that the decorative purple leaf plum trees in our front yard yield a fruit called a cherry plum. Gabriel, in his infinite chef wisdom, burst into my room the other day and said “Mom. We need to jam these plums.” Then he rallied Ross from next door and they picked 5 lbs. After I said Yes, we should jam them! I … Read More Urban Foraging*

Let’s Talk Turkey

You probably noticed that last week, my town was trending on Facebook—trending #1, in fact. For the SECOND time this year. The first time was when a Facebook post by our local police department went viral. I don’t know who writes the crime updates, but they are Freakin’. Hilarious. Right now, they have this whole thing going about wearing other people’s pants (OPP). You … Read More Let’s Talk Turkey

Free Range Christmas Trees

“Let’s get a tree!” I said. Shea looked at me warily. “Same place as last year?” “No! For five bucks we can cut it down ourselves out in the woods. Just think of it, honey! A FREE RANGE Christmas tree!” Saturday we were out the door by 9:15 am. Saw? Check. Permit? Check. Rope? Check. Coat for Annie? Not so much. Although we didn’t … Read More Free Range Christmas Trees

Summer Boom

Back in California, we had summer thunderstorms. But nothin’ like what happened on Tuesday. If we lived somewhere flat, I’d have been huddling in the cellar. Because there is no that the sky can be these colors without mayhem following. Sustained wind at 40 mph? Blowing all the newly mown field grass and dirt up the street? Up to 100 lightning strikes per hour? … Read More Summer Boom

My Thumb is Chartreuse

The awesome news is that we have garden beds: The less awesome news is that for four straight nights, and after a robust imitation of Spring that caused all the trees to bud, we’ve had frost. Good thing I didn’t transplant my sprouts. Here they are, these precious babies that I planted six weeks ago: Don’t ask me what they are, though. When I … Read More My Thumb is Chartreuse

You Can Take It With You!

 We’re celebrating two years by looking back on some of our favorite posts. My very first post on Full of Graces was “Here”. This is part of what I said: And now…I know this: my life is not a highway anymore. Once I slowed down, I noticed that I had arrived. I was Here. This is not about being a stay at home mom. … Read More You Can Take It With You!

Redwood Highway

We’re beach people. Even more than that, we’re So Cal beach people. With a big dose of Maui thrown in the mix. So when we decided to move to Oregon, a state in which there is one major freeway in the entire state, and only about three highways that turn left towards the beach from that freeway, it was a big gulp moment. Saturday, … Read More Redwood Highway

Oregon Trail, Part 2: The First Six Weeks

The first morning we were here, Shea went outside to get something from the trailer. Since we arrived before the moving truck, and all he had were flip-flops, that’s what he wore. Icy sidewalk + flip flops = We’re not in California anymore. That was only the first lesson Oregon taught us. Since then we’ve learned… …that there’s something to the old wives tale … Read More Oregon Trail, Part 2: The First Six Weeks

Oregon Trail Part 1: Campgrounds and Football Games

They said they were coming at 7 am, and the big truck rolled down the street at 6:45. Shea put flip-flops on to take the kids to school and when he came back, every single other pair of shoes was packed. I got distracted while moving the kitchen supplies into the trailer and when I went back at 9:30 am, all the pots and … Read More Oregon Trail Part 1: Campgrounds and Football Games

We found one! ~ Jen

I do not believe in the jinx, but Shea does, so I couldn’t update the house-hunting story until escrow closed. And it just did so, woohoo! We have a house! The house-hunting trip to Oregon in July was grueling. It was the hottest week of the year, over 100 degrees each day. The sun goes down later up there, so the heat lasted strong … Read More We found one! ~ Jen

Oregon Trail*

So remember this post last Fall? We were waiting for some for guidance around Shea’s job. Was he supposed to stay in his current position  where he was successful and respected, but missed working with people on a daily basis? Or should he go back to being an agent, where he got to work with people, and give up a promising career in leadership? … Read More Oregon Trail*

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