Let’s Talk Turkey

You probably noticed that last week, my town was trending on Facebook—trending #1, in fact.

For the SECOND time this year.

The first time was when a Facebook post by our local police department went viral. I don’t know who writes the crime updates, but they are Freakin’. Hilarious. Right now, they have this whole thing going about wearing other people’s pants (OPP).

You might be amazed to know how many people are walking around wearing OPP, especially if those pants have meth in the pocket.

They went viral after posting the video of a man—who looked a lot like CNN’s Mike Rowe—robbing a bank. They asked for tips. They got a lot of tips, pointing towards Mike Rowe, because it’s not just the cops in my town who are funny, let me tell you:


Mike Rowe—who is also funny—addressed the controversy in a Facebook post of his own and Boom! The Medford PD was on the map.

Last weekend, our local paper posted an article called Medford May Look For Ways to Curb Nuisance Wild Turkeys”.

This is front page news. Deservedly. I have personal knowledge of this problem.

We are not talking about wild turkeys on the outskirts of town. We are talking whole flocks smack in the middle of main streets. I have posted pictures of the little buggers on my Insta and Facebook. Just a few weeks back, Annie and I were delayed at an intersection while a great big mama held up traffic until she was gently herded to the sidewalk by a Prius.


We don’t have traffic in Medford, not the kind that makes people late. Unless there’s a turkey.

Yep. That’s a giant Tom just chilling on someone’s front lawn in the middle of town.

Totally unacceptable.

Our turkey story went viral, because the world understands the plight of a town overrun by turkeys.

(Right? That’s why, right?)

To show you how this all comes full circle, a few days later, the Medford PD posted a crime update where they caught all kinds of bad guys. A list of them, in fact.

And one of the commenters said “Look at that list. Not a turkey among them. When are you guys going to get serious about the turkeys?”

I’m telling you, quality of life is not just about clean air, green trees and good coffee. You also need to live among people who make you laugh.




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