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What If Judas Had Lived?

Three weeks ago, I did a walk through Holy Week for the Sunday School kids. In order to get it right, I had to sit down with all four Gospels next to each other. I’ve never looked at the Passion that way before. Having all four together helped me see some things I didn’t remember. For instance, the naked dude in Mark. But also, … Read More What If Judas Had Lived?

We Will Rise

This post first appeared last year. When I reread it this morning, I realized that it means something different to me today than it did last year. And since it’s still January, I reflected: In the last year, did I rise? The story of the eagle who thought he was a chicken is a reminder to all of us that we are gifted by … Read More We Will Rise


From my mom, Terri. I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. ~ Oath of Office for the President of the United States I am so scared. I have lived 70 years in a country in which … Read More #Candles4hope

We Will Rise

On Sunday at Mass, our visiting priest from Tanzania told this story: A farmer was given an egg. He didn’t know what kind of an egg it was so he put it with his chickens and waited to see what might happen. The egg hatched. It was an eagle. But the eagle didn’t know he was an eagle, so he grew up as a … Read More We Will Rise

Put the “Be Jesus” Back

Lenten reading can be hard on your soul. It challenges and convicts. It parks your heart in the shadow of the Cross and makes you look up. I have never been good at looking up. I don’t want to see. I tell myself it is enough to know. Everything I read tells me that I’m wrong. My suffering has not been enough, although it … Read More Put the “Be Jesus” Back

For the Rookies, On the First Day of School 2014-2015

For the rookies in 2015-2016! At the very core of education, in your own classroom, there is nothing like the magic of educating kids. Nothing. You see moments in a kid’s life, flashes of brilliance and frustration; you hear them laugh, you see them cry. You are mom, friend, sister; you are at once the coolest cat and the biggest bitch; you will love … Read More For the Rookies, On the First Day of School 2014-2015

Slowing Wonder Woman Down

My younger self would have seen this statement as a challenge and asked with a saucy smile, “Are you sure about that?” This older and wiser version of me knows better and actually grieves the years I spent trying to be too many things to too many people. My mantra used to be “I got this” with little thought to whether I needed to … Read More Slowing Wonder Woman Down


My brother has a theory about fear and politics. He says that since the fall of the Soviet Union, we in the US do not have a common boogeyman. We used to fear and hate the Soviets, but during the 90s, the Wall came down and we lost our villain. So we turned on each other. Feminists, religious conservatives, homosexuals, immigrants, the poor, the … Read More #BeReal

Heart Warrior ~ Guest Post by Shalimar Niles

You know when you meet someone and they radiate calm kindness and patience? The kind that actually calms your own heart just from being in their presence? Meet our new friend Shalimar. She is one of Kate’s Girl Scout troop leaders and I was amazed by her before I heard the story she’s about to tell. We invited her here because this woman’s life … Read More Heart Warrior ~ Guest Post by Shalimar Niles

The Summer of Discontent

The summer after I graduated college was one of the worst times of my life. Even now, 20 years later, after everything else that has happened, that statement is true. I had moved home from New York, leaving my college boyfriend behind, something my head knew was wise, but my heart was struggling with. We hadn’t broken up yet, so there was the added … Read More The Summer of Discontent

Look at the Fruit ~ Jen

Big ups to Adopting James for blowing my mind on this one. Last week, AJ posted an article by the band Switchfoot, in which the lead singer said he doesn’t want to be known as a Christian singer because he thinks people then make the assumption that he is a better Christian than other musicians. He believes that we all have one calling: obedience. … Read More Look at the Fruit ~ Jen

Mouthy Women

This morning, Dana and I made it to yoga for the first time in two weeks. My kids have been sick, her kids have been sick, and the dang time changed. You know what I’m saying right? One of those weeks. So what to write about? We just passed the one year anniversary of Full of Graces….Almost 500 honest to goodness readers…we just had … Read More Mouthy Women

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