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Coughs and Colds

Here comes cough and cold season. Back in the day—and I mean way, way back—moms would whip up a hot toddy for their sick chickens, like the one my friend Paula’s mom used to give her: whiskey, honey, lemon. That wisdom slipped away with the arrival of over-the-counter cough and cold remedies. Then in 2007, we got told that we can’t give our kids … Read More Coughs and Colds

Pennies on the Dollar

It’s October. You wearing pink? Dana and I have stayed away from this because even though I am a survivor of not-breast cancer and her dad passed away from not-breast cancer and America is coming to the realization that the whole pink thing is kind of a sham (where the money doesn’t go where they say and cancer-causing chemicals are sold in pink bottles), … Read More Pennies on the Dollar

One Hour ~ Jen

I struggle to read the stories. Not the ones where the mom made it, got help, survived. I can handle those, like the many you can find here. It’s the ones where she wasn’t helped, and someone didn’t make it, that I can’t handle. It hits too close to home. This week it was three beautiful little girls, ages 2, 16 months and two … Read More One Hour ~ Jen

The Names We Call Ourselves ~ Jen

For a long time I have thought about a tattoo to commemorate that I am a cancer survivor. But for four years, I haven’t done it. The hesitation came from something I read in an illness recovery book, that we have to be careful about the way we visualize our illness and our struggle against it. It makes so much sense not to use … Read More The Names We Call Ourselves ~ Jen


Some truths are easy and fun. We’re not dealing with those today, because those aren’t the ones that cause us trouble. All the time, I see these posts on Facebook that tell us to Live your truth! Find your truth! Speak your truth! It always makes me think Why not just say “Live, Find, Speak The Truth”? Truth is Truth—verifiable, supported by facts, actual. … Read More #Truth

Dryer Balls

Update: Aaron is getting a dog! The Angel for Aaron page raised $12,000 in seven days. Seven. It wasn’t just money that made that happen, so thanks to everyone who donated, prayed and shared. The dog won’t be in the house for another 12-18 months, but we’ll keep you posted. Two years ago Shea had enough State Farm points that we could get a … Read More Dryer Balls

Determined to Get Aaron a Dog ~ Jen

I prayed this week for God to help me find ways to not think of food so often. In typical God fashion, He came large. One of the distractions I can’t talk about yet, because it’s not a done deal and I am still not sure how it will all shake out. The next 48 hours are huge, so if you have prayer space to … Read More Determined to Get Aaron a Dog ~ Jen

Best Use of Cheap Vodka

Six weeks ago, I rolled into Albertson’s before gym class with Annie in tow and bought a $9 plastic gallon of vodka. The lady at the check-out processed my purchase in silence, but her eyebrows disappeared into her hairline. The girl bagging held the bottle up, shook her head and cut a look at the bagger in the next lane. It was 8:45 am … Read More Best Use of Cheap Vodka

Be ~ Jen

Multi-tasking is bad for us, right? Big bad. Stress-us-out-and-give-us-cancer bad. We try to make multi-tasking into a badge of honor, but that’s crap. All it does is place our need for validation in one 90 mile an hour basket. This used to be my life, when I was a teaching, mothering, wifeing, friending, volunteering fool. I could teach the children, answer email, shop for … Read More Be ~ Jen

Favorite Things #1

Dana came up with this idea, inspired by Oprah, and I was instantly on board because who doesn’t want to be like Oprah? She is a force for good in this world! So here’s my list. You may notice that they all come with links. That’s because we want our Favorite Things list to be a two way street: we share things we think … Read More Favorite Things #1

Fall Canning ~ Jen

In Southern California, one of the harbingers of Fall is the Santa Ana winds. These winds blow strong and unbelievably dry for days at a time, sometimes cold, but mostly hot, hot, hot.  If you are not from So Cal, you may have heard this term related to some huge, catastrophic brush fire that occurred near Los Angeles. Every Southern Californian knows to scan … Read More Fall Canning ~ Jen

Tree Climbers and Raw Chicken ~ Jen

As you know, I’ve been working on letting go of my fears. This is the non-medicinal part of my recovery from postpartum anxiety. Turns out popping a Zoloft every night is not the work. My friend Lara and I were talking about being more fearless, since we are both very worried about what might happen. And I said “We just have to rub the … Read More Tree Climbers and Raw Chicken ~ Jen

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