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Gabriel’s S’More Truffles

This is my sweet boy, Gabriel. He just turned 9. I call him Pie, short for Pumpkin Pie Guy which is what I called him when he was a wee bit. But the nickname proved prophetic. This child of mine likes to cook. He has his own sharp knife, given to him by Sue. He learned to make her sauce before I did. He … Read More Gabriel’s S’More Truffles

I Suck at Cakes

Vanessa, from Suburban Mama Goddess, posted before Christmas that she baked an ugly cake. I felt her pain. I was ten the first time I made a cake all by myself. It was from a box, but I still took it very seriously. While it was in the oven, I didn’t go outside and play with my brothers. I sat on a chair in … Read More I Suck at Cakes

Chicken Soup. Basic. Healthy. Yummy.

People are sick around this time of year.  Kids are dropping off left and right from Mazie’s preschool class.  My friend and writing partner is currently quarentined up in her bedroom, diagnosed with the flu.  I’m not jealous of the sick part, but there’s a part of me that is jealous of the quarantine part.  And the codeine. If she were still local, this … Read More Chicken Soup. Basic. Healthy. Yummy.

Fall Canning ~ Jen

In Southern California, one of the harbingers of Fall is the Santa Ana winds. These winds blow strong and unbelievably dry for days at a time, sometimes cold, but mostly hot, hot, hot.  If you are not from So Cal, you may have heard this term related to some huge, catastrophic brush fire that occurred near Los Angeles. Every Southern Californian knows to scan … Read More Fall Canning ~ Jen

Welcome Autumn! ~ Dana

Well, it’s official.  Autumn is finally here!  And no, I don’t mean just the arrival of the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks (although that is quickly becoming one of my favorite things of autumn!). I’ve always loved autumn, and when I moved to Austria, I fell in love with it even more.  The changing of the seasons is visible everywhere there. The local restaurants … Read More Welcome Autumn! ~ Dana

Homemade Bread ~ Jen

Our Friday update: Dana’s daughter is down with the stomach flu. They are playing the 48 hour Russian Roulette of “Who Will Get Sick Next?” Bad way to spend the weekend. And my kids are out of school today. Welcome summer. Ish. SAHMs, you know what I’m talking about. I’m working on a wedding post for next week, in honor of June. Tentative title: … Read More Homemade Bread ~ Jen

How meeting your friend from high school turns into strawberry cream pie ~ Jen

I was Facebook resistant for years. Years. Then my niece convinced me I could lock a Facebook page down so tight that my name wouldn’t even appear in a search. I was ok with that. I have 42 friends. That’s all. Thankfully, one of them is my friend Jeannette from high school. We reconnected last summer through our other friend, Kristen. Jeannette lives an … Read More How meeting your friend from high school turns into strawberry cream pie ~ Jen

Food from Scratch

We are not conspiracy theorists. We believe that the food innovations of a generation ago were developed with good intentions. But it didn’t work. For the last ten years or so, we’ve had evidence that this food is hurting us. Our weight. Our blood pressure. And cancer. The food industry and big agriculture will be slow to change. Their businesses are profitable and their … Read More Food from Scratch

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