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Fourth Day

Today is the Fourth Day. Yesterday we were born again into eternal life and today is the day we begin to live like it. That’s why I want to tell you what I learned during this Lent. I gave up 24 hour news channels. I did it because I have watched people I know slide into anxiety bordering on mental illness over the last … Read More Fourth Day

Into the Desert–A different way to think about Lent

I have always tried to find a better way to come at Lent with my kids. This year is no different, as we are 1 day out and Annie is settled on giving up the monkey bars. God bless her little heart, she loves her some monkey bars. It’s probably too much to expect a 7-year-old to be reflective, but Gabe and Kate are … Read More Into the Desert–A different way to think about Lent

The Moon

Have you ever been loved well by someone? So well that you are secure that person will receive you and will forgive your worst fault? That’s the kind of security the soul receives from God. When the soul lives in that kind of security, it is no longer occupied with technique. We can go back and do the rituals, the spiritual disciplines, but they … Read More The Moon

The Promise of Spring ~ Dana

So, it’s been a while.  And I have wanted to write this great post about the symbolism of Spring and Easter, about the daffodils and the tulips pushing their way up through the ground to greet the first days of spring, about the warming earth, about the days lengthening into summer after the equinox.  But it just didn’t come. I blamed my writer’s block … Read More The Promise of Spring ~ Dana

The Best Dang Caesar Salad Ever* ~ Jen

I was 18 when I first ate this salad at my teammate’s home over Winter Break. Like so many of the best things we eat, there was no written recipe for this salad. Her mom “just knew” how to do it. So one time, I showed up early for a party at their house to watch her do her stuff. I’ve been making it … Read More The Best Dang Caesar Salad Ever* ~ Jen

Revival ~ Jen

Our church does a Revival during Lent. I’ve never been, but the picture in my head was a version of the movie style tent Revival—songs, scripture, Spirit. Loud and joyful. This year I decided to go, looking for some Lenten feel good. The speaker was a young, hip missionary named Ennie Hickman. You can see his website here. He rocks. Within five minutes, he … Read More Revival ~ Jen

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