How do we walk with the Lord on His journey, especially in this year of so much change and uncertainty. Surrender. Endure. Grieve. Resurrect.

Easter: Resurrect

We are all Mary Mag on Easter morning.

We have surrendered, and followed.

We have endured.

We have grieved.

We have been promised a resurrection, but we don’t fully understand what that means. And we’re not sure how the dead guy, the one who did all the miracles before, is going to be able to help himself.

We are all Mary Mag.

When she woke up on that third day, she knew the prophecies, and she knew what Jesus himself had said. But the world looked the same, and in that world, Jesus’ burial needed finishing. So she gathered her oils and one or two other women and off they went to do their work.

She witnesses the empty tomb in all four of the gospels. In John’s, she runs to get Peter, who comes back with her, sees the empty tomb and flees. Flees. Mary stands her ground, in tears. She thinks his body has been stolen—“They have taken my Lord away and I do not know where they have put him” (20:13). She still doesn’t understand that in this moment, everything is new.

Jesus is new—the Risen Christ, the promise fulfilled.

The world is new, saved.

Mary is new, so new that Jesus names her again: “Mary”.  And in that moment, she sees the Truth.

This is the promise of the journey, friends. There is a point to our suffering, there is a reason for our sorrow and it’s this: if we do the work, we will die to our old life and rise again in truth.

Let’s don’t go “back” to normal.

Walk your surrender.  

Endure your trial.

Grieve your reckoning.

And rise again in truth.

Happy Easter!

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