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Faith, Hope and Love

Look at this girl. I met her in 1994, when she was 18 months old. With those twinkly eyes and saucy curls, she worked her way into the hearts of my family. She was in my wedding: I was her Confirmation sponsor, five weeks postpartum: She loves on my babies: She went to college and she dated and that was a thing because there … Read More Faith, Hope and Love

Every Day is Valentine’s Day

If you and I are friends on Facebook or if you follow me on Instagram, you are more than familiar with my #everydayisvalentinesday hashtag.  You see, one day, when I least expected it, love happened. Tory and I first met in 1987, when I started junior high.  A few years later, we became closer friends during my freshman year, his junior year.  We were … Read More Every Day is Valentine’s Day


Last Sunday, my dear, sweet, wonderful husband was putting up the Christmas lights outside. Gabriel was helping him, which at the moment meant entertaining Annie who decided that she also wanted to “help”. They had the wiggle car scooter out and were riding it down our sidewalk, which has a bit of an incline. And my husband looked at them riding down the sidewalk … Read More Men

Hurricane Mama

Why are we changing the rules? Did something happen when I looked the other way? Why do things feel different? Are we ok? This is what anxiety sisters do when the applecart is upset. We ask a lot of questions, rapid-fire. We wait a good 1.5 seconds for answers. When they don’t come, we know this is a sign of the apocalypse. I’m going … Read More Hurricane Mama

Called to Less

Last weekend we met the coolest family camping. The kids met first, as kids will do in a campground. Kate and Ezra were a perfect match, two cuties in glasses laid out on a blanket playing with their dolls. Her younger brother Phoenix, and Annie, just a year apart, took to each other like fish and water. There was a dump truck involved, and lots of … Read More Called to Less

Surviving a Mixed Marriage

I knew it going in. And I knew what a big deal it was. Marriages have broken up over less. But Shea is such a good man. So I did what women do: I told myself he would change. For me. Or when the kids came. And if he didn’t, I resolved to stick it out no matter what. I put on a brave face … Read More Surviving a Mixed Marriage


At some point in my growing up years, the household chores got divided along gender lines. My brothers did all things outside and trash related. I was in charge of the kitchen. Although I do find immense satisfaction in a completely clean kitchen, and no one loads a dishwasher like I can, there were moments when I was 16 that I hated it. I … Read More Dishes

Fishsticks and Champagne

The story goes like this: In August of 1969, my aunt and uncle were celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary on August 15 and my mom and dad were celebrating their 1st anniversary on August 17. They all lived in San Francisco, my parents having recently graduated from the University of San Francisco and my uncle finishing up law school in the city. My parents … Read More Fishsticks and Champagne

The Pieces of My Heart

Yesterday our pastor, Father Mike, came to talk to the adult formation class. He was supposed to have a list of questions to answer, but he left it at home. So instead, he asked “Does anyone have anything they want to ask?” One of the dads said “Sure” and opened up the can of gay marriage. At which point, most people screwed themselves down … Read More The Pieces of My Heart

90 Days and Counting!

My friend Paula is pregnant for the first time. Paula and I have been friends for 20 years. We played volleyball together in high school, then taught and lived together for ten years until I married Shea. This Spring, her husband Jimmy, who is a National Park Service Ranger, got transferred far away. They moved in her first trimester. New place, new home, no … Read More 90 Days and Counting!

Every Marriage Matters ~ Guest Post by Terri

It’s a big day! Everyone, please meet Jen’s mom Terri, our special guest blogger. She has been married to Ted for almost 46 years, and together they raised Jen and her two brothers, which was no small adventure. Now there are 8 grandkids begging her to retire from her impressive health care career. We are so proud to have her here today, with such … Read More Every Marriage Matters ~ Guest Post by Terri

Receiving Mode ~ Jen

Shea and I have a big decision to make. For three weeks we have been talking it around and around, with no success. Finally, at 11 pm the other night, when we had covered all the options and their pros and cons for the third time without coming to any kind of clarity, I told him that I couldn’t go in circles anymore. “I … Read More Receiving Mode ~ Jen

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