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100 Days

  Somehow in the mess of the world, I lost sight of the fact that IT’S OCTOBER. And you know what that means?????? 100 days of Holidays has officially begun! We have red trees and orange trees and yellow trees and yes, that is SUPER early for us, but everyone is saying the 30 days of Smoke (which is quickly becoming another part of … Read More 100 Days

Emmanuel is Coming!

I know you still have your fat pants on. But Advent is coming. I’m not rushing you. I have glad tidings: This year we have a whole week to get ready. None of this Thanksgiving on Thursday, Advent starts on Sunday madness. Seven days, sisters. Find your advent calendars. Or if–like me–you aren’t allowed to disturb the carefully crafted storage box fort in the … Read More Emmanuel is Coming!

This Post Has the F Bomb, But It Will Make You Laugh

*This post has the F bomb. But you should read it anyway. This is me and my friend Marcy. I picked this picture because it sums us up, like Lucy and Ethel. Our greatest accomplishment as friends to date is that we both joined the country club pool this summer and neither of us has been asked to leave, not even once. We used … Read More This Post Has the F Bomb, But It Will Make You Laugh

To the Cougar at the Pool

Let me get this straight. You really thought you were going to bring your perfectly make-up’d, perfectly coiffed, cougar self to the club on a holiday to lounge in the pool, flirt with the lifeguards and keep your hair dry? Lady, you had one too many organic agave margaritas. There is a reason the rest of us are wearing ball caps. We all have … Read More To the Cougar at the Pool

Ghost Story

Dana and I are running in twelve different directions this week. So here’s a spooky post from two years ago…and last year…but who doesn’t love a ghost story? Happy Halloween! Growing up, we had a ghost in the house. I’ll put that on my mom. And if my mom was writing this, she’d tell you the same. We’d lived in the house probably ten … Read More Ghost Story


Hold on to your hats and glasses:   We’re selling our house. And buying another! We lived in our home in CA for the 10 worst years of the housing market since the Depression. We knew that everything we did to make that house nicer was throwing money to the wind, since at one point our home was worth half what we paid for … Read More Mogul-ish.

Merry Christmas

    You guys, I have shown you my very cool Advent calendar: A magnetic nativity scene where each day the kids open the door and place another character into the picture. Do you know that in the middle of my prayerful and restful Advent, my oldest and youngest child were doing their best to block the baby Jesus spot so that the middle … Read More Merry Christmas

Reading to Win

Gabe and I are reading this book series about twins who travel into stories. Alex and Connor are caricatures of 12-year-old tweens at the beginning—sister Alex is a smart book worm with few friends and brother Connor is the jokester who doesn’t like or do well in school. But then Connor discovers that he likes to write stories of his own. Books later, they … Read More Reading to Win

Ciao, Summer

It has been one of the greatest summers of my motherhood. But I am not sad to see it go. We’ve been to all the movies. I liked Kubo and the Two Strings best with Pete’s Dragon a close second. We swam in pools, lakes, rivers and oceans. We camped and hoteled and grandma’d. Went to bed at 10 and woke up at 9. … Read More Ciao, Summer

Rolling on the River.

On Saturday we rafted a meek portion of the Rogue river, with some local friends. Marcy grew up rafting the Rogue and her girls are pretty experienced on the water. They’re a water family, since her husband Kevin is an ocean fisherman by trade. I also have experience rafting and love it–although I have always done it with a guide. Kate and I rafted … Read More Rolling on the River.

Leave The Thighs Out of It

It’s that time of year again, mamas. You have to decide—are you going to be the mom who sits on the sidelines, fully clothed. Or are you going to be the mom who gets in the pool? We had some success with this post last year. My favorite was the story of the grandmother who at age 69 hadn’t been in a pool in … Read More Leave The Thighs Out of It

My Instagram Project

We live in a fairly small, 1920s era home that has NOT a lot of room for a lot of furniture on which to proudly display a lot of pictures in a lot of frames. Besides, I’ve filled every inch of flat surface with pictures in frames for most of my life and frankly, I’m bored with them. But all those Instagram pictures… with … Read More My Instagram Project

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