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100 Days

  Somehow in the mess of the world, I lost sight of the fact that IT’S OCTOBER. And you know what that means?????? 100 days of Holidays has officially begun! We have red trees and orange trees and yellow trees and yes, that is SUPER early for us, but everyone is saying the 30 days of Smoke (which is quickly becoming another part of … Read More 100 Days

Emmanuel is Coming!

I know you still have your fat pants on. But Advent is coming. I’m not rushing you. I have glad tidings: This year we have a whole week to get ready. None of this Thanksgiving on Thursday, Advent starts on Sunday madness. Seven days, sisters. Find your advent calendars. Or if–like me–you aren’t allowed to disturb the carefully crafted storage box fort in the … Read More Emmanuel is Coming!

This Post Has the F Bomb, But It Will Make You Laugh

*This post has the F bomb. But you should read it anyway. This is me and my friend Marcy. I picked this picture because it sums us up, like Lucy and Ethel. Our greatest accomplishment as friends to date is that we both joined the country club pool this summer and neither of us has been asked to leave, not even once. We used … Read More This Post Has the F Bomb, But It Will Make You Laugh

To the Cougar at the Pool

Let me get this straight. You really thought you were going to bring your perfectly make-up’d, perfectly coiffed, cougar self to the club on a holiday to lounge in the pool, flirt with the lifeguards and keep your hair dry? Lady, you had one too many organic agave margaritas. There is a reason the rest of us are wearing ball caps. We all have … Read More To the Cougar at the Pool

Ghost Story

Dana and I are running in twelve different directions this week. So here’s a spooky post from two years ago…and last year…but who doesn’t love a ghost story? Happy Halloween! Growing up, we had a ghost in the house. I’ll put that on my mom. And if my mom was writing this, she’d tell you the same. We’d lived in the house probably ten … Read More Ghost Story

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