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Guest Post: Unashamed by Jennifer

Good morning friends. Our support of Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month continues today with a guest post from our good friend Jennifer.  My name is Jennifer, and I struggle with depression. I have a family history with mental health issues and a personal history of depression from before I had children. Because of my risk factors, my husband, Nate, and I were proactive with … Read More Guest Post: Unashamed by Jennifer

What I Will Tell My Kids by Jen

The first time I told the story of my severe postpartum anxiety, I had to think about what I was doing. Telling my story out loud, on the internet, where it would live forever. Where someday, my kids will see it. That was scary, so I almost didn’t tell it all. I was going to leave out the part about seeing a demon hallucination … Read More What I Will Tell My Kids by Jen

August Is Breast Feeding Awareness Month ~ Guest Post by Jennifer

My name is Jennifer and I met Jen and Dana when we were all teachers. Now I am a homemaker for my amazing husband, two beautiful sons, and one slightly neurotic cocker spaniel. In July, Jen and Dana invited me to guest post with the instructions to write about something that “fired me up”. I never anticipated breastfeeding to be the topic that pushed … Read More August Is Breast Feeding Awareness Month ~ Guest Post by Jennifer

One Hour ~ Jen

I struggle to read the stories. Not the ones where the mom made it, got help, survived. I can handle those, like the many you can find here. It’s the ones where she wasn’t helped, and someone didn’t make it, that I can’t handle. It hits too close to home. This week it was three beautiful little girls, ages 2, 16 months and two … Read More One Hour ~ Jen

Crazy Mode ~ Jen

Crazy is a tough word. In the purest definition, it refers to a mentally deranged person. Through common usage, it has also come to mean “possessed by enthusiasm and excitement, immoderately fond and infatuated, intensely involved and preoccupied, foolish or impractical”. I have been all those things. Not so very long ago, control was my unhealthy obsession. In the “intensely involved and preoccupied” sense, … Read More Crazy Mode ~ Jen

Postpartum Anxiety: It’s Not Your Fault. You Will be Ok. ~ Jen

This post comes with a warning. May is Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month. I am going to talk about some dark moments after the birth of my third baby. If you are feeling sad or scared today, you might not want to read this.  If you need immediate help, please call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) This is the most important thing … Read More Postpartum Anxiety: It’s Not Your Fault. You Will be Ok. ~ Jen

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