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To be a Princess

Over time, a lot of negative things have been said about the female characters in the classic Disney fairy tale movies. The original princess, Snow White, finds her greatest worth in cooking and cleaning for seven little men. Aurora actually just sleeps until Prince Philip makes out with her, and instead of standing up to her wench of a stepmother, Cinderella passively endures abuse … Read More To be a Princess

When the (Disney) Queen is Right ~ Jen

I’ve heard everything feminists have to say about Disney Princess culture and I get it. I really do. I’ve seen it in my own home. Sometimes Kate puts on that Belle dress and the Beast comes out, all imperial orders and commands. No one will be shocked to hear that my daughter roars right past princess to Queen. But the last two Disney princess … Read More When the (Disney) Queen is Right ~ Jen

Humble Pie ~ Jen

One of the great things about being anywhere Disney is this: ain’t no one judging anyone, since we are all one dropped ice cream cone away from the Mother of All Meltdowns. There are still moments that test this collective patience. It was my fault, since Anne had been in a swim diaper for five hours. First she was playing in the water at … Read More Humble Pie ~ Jen

Powerful Grace ~ Jen

We just got home from a wonderful vacation, courtesy of Shea and State Farm. We spent six nights at the Walt Disney World Yacht Club resort with hundreds of other rock star State Farm dads and moms and their families. I have two stories from our trip that I want to share. This one is a Here moment. The next one is a “This … Read More Powerful Grace ~ Jen

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