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It’s What We Need

I don’t know what to say and I am not alone. There are only so many ways to write “Love each other” before we all start sounding like a Beatles songs, after they started doing the hallucinogenics. So instead, I want to show you something. In the Catholic church, we use a lectionary for the readings at church. The lectionary is a book that … Read More It’s What We Need

Hold the Bridge

The last 48 hours have torn our social fabric into pieces. Again. It is such a human, natural reaction to take sides and dig in.  To hold the line. In my tiny little slice of the world, I have huddled like a turtle in my shell, watching my social media and the comments of news articles. My friends who are people of color are speaking … Read More Hold the Bridge


We used to play a game with our students before we read Arthur Miller’s The Crucible called Pitchforks or Pie Forks? We gave the kids a list of the characters with brief descriptions and then asked them to judge if the character deserved a pitchfork (visit from an angry mob) or pie fork (accepted friend). It was a predictable exercise at the beginning. Abigail … Read More Pitchforks

A Survivor Speaks

‘The guilt of feeling grateful to be alive is heavy. Wanting to smile about surviving, but not sure if the people you are with are ready. As the world mourns the people killed and viciously slain, I feel guilty about screaming about my leg in pain because I can feel nothing, like the other 49 who weren’t so lucky to feel the pain of … Read More A Survivor Speaks

Last week, I took the kids to the park. I watch my neighbor’s kids after school, so there were five of them. We had a great play date—the park was packed and the weather was gorgeous. Just as we were leaving, I heard Gabe yell. I turned my head in time to see Ross, 8,  hit the ground, shoulder first. His feet were still … Read More

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