About that Wife Bonus


We’re jumping into the wife bonus fray.

If you haven’t heard of the wife bonus, start here:

Snarky argument against.

Snarky argument for.

We think all of this is just another way that women eat each other for lunch.

Who cares how other women spend their money?

If you are a stay at home mom living on mac and cheese to be with your kids, awesome.

If you are a stay at home mom whose husband is very good at maintaining a certain lifestyle, rock on.

If you work to make vacations happen, God bless you.

We know that our grandmothers fought for you to be able to live those lives. We hope you are happy.


If you are going to benefit from the feminism, then you have to respect it.

Don’t get on your soapbox because you gave up a six figure income to have a baby. Or because you gave up indoor plumbing and electricity to stay home with your kids. Or because you didn’t go to grad school to stay home and change diapers, dammit.

It makes you sound like over-privileged first world consumer divas. Have some respect for your sister mamas who do it differently than you.


Look around you. Somewhere very nearby is a sister mama who wishes she could give up indoor plumbing and electricity to stay home with her kids. Just for one second, hear this argument through her ears.


With all the energy that has been expended in the last week talking about the merits of a wife bonus, we could have fed, clothed, re-employed and re-housed hundreds of women stuck in shelters with their kids.

Seriously, ladies.

When are we going to learn to use our powers for good?

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