Rescue Task Force to Nepal

In times of widespread disaster, I am always impressed by the way the world responds.  Sometimes, though, it’s hard to know where to send your money so that it will have the most impact.  We’ve posted before that Dana’s uncle, Gary Becks, founded and still works with a global volunteer disaster relief organization, Rescue Task Force.

Rescue Task Force currently has two teams scheduled for Honduras and El Salvador bringing dental care, clean water, and medical services and a team leaving for Cambodia and Laos this Thursday.  But even though all of their US-based teams are tied up helping in other areas, Rescue Task Force has a team that is based in Bangkok, Thailand, that is working to get disaster supplies and relief to the victims of the earthquakes that have rocked Nepal.

100% of donations made for Nepal will go directly to supplies for the earthquake victims.  All of the aid workers are volunteers and will hand deliver food, clothing, blankets, basic toiletries, and baby necessities.  If you would like to donate, please visit  And join us in praying for the families in Nepal and the rescue workers that are so desperately trying to reach them.


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