The Thing About Cranberries

She insisted on having an uncooked cranberry. Actually, she wanted a whole bowl of them.

I warned her that they were yucky. But she was determined and since I’m a Live and Learn Mom (a LALM, can we coin that? As in “Be a LALM and Carry On”???), I shrugged and said “Ok, but let me get my phone.”

This has happened with all three of my children, plus Shea, Teresa and Lesley. It’s my own personal psych experiment: If I tell you something tastes yucky, will that over-ride the voice in your head screaming “IT’S A SMALL RED AND SHINY BERRY!!! EAT IT, EAT IT, EAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Turns out the answer is no.

Every. Single. Time.

A little late for Thanksgiving, but just in time for Advent dinners, office parties, neighborhood potlucks and Christmas, here are our favorite cranberry recipes.

Not Your Mama’s Sauce (apricot cranberry sauce and cranberry mustard)



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