My Uncle Ron’s Fried Bagels

My uncle Ron is the kind of cook who keeps a can of old bacon grease next to the stove. The kind of cook who opens the refrigerator on Sunday morning and doesn’t see a week’s worth of leftovers, but an opportunity. The man single-handedly figured out how to get kids to eat asparagus: fry it up in bacon grease and cover it in cheese. Viola.

One year on Easter, he did this amazing thing with bagels. And I’m going to share it with you because it’s so good.

Are you ready?

First, get a pound of bacon and a dozen bagels.

Fry the bacon up and discard it however you want. The bacon is not important.

Cut the bagels in half and fry them up in the hot bacon grease. Watch them closely, because they cook really fast.

Put them on paper towels to drain for just a second. Then slap on some cream cheese, mash a couple of avocado slices into the mix and top it all off with a dollop of salsa and some salt and pepper.

If you just said “Are you kidding me?!” out loud, I promise you that I am not. They are SO GOOD.

Happy Easter to you and yours!



Jen and Dana

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