The Things I Will Miss ~ Dana

It’s no secret that having two kids under three, like we do, is no joke.  Having two kids under two was no joke either.  My husband was over 40 when our second child was born, and let’s be real, I’m not that far behind.  We are exhausted.  We feel old.  We look at people with older children with longing, and a twinge of jealousy.  And by twinge, I mean huge green streak.

And when those moms of older kids look at me and say, “Oh, enjoy every moment!  They grow so quickly!” I curse at them under my breath and usually say, in my best funny-ironic-sarcastic tone, “Not quick enough!”  But I really mean, “I feel like this will never end.  I have not had a good night’s sleep in literally three years, and I have someone else’s poop on my pants and their boogers on my shirt.” And sorry, but I really want to smack those women.  Not smack.  Sock.  Right in the jaw.

But the other day, as I was looking down at my sweet little Violet, who just turned one before Thanksgiving, I had a little moment.  She is our last baby and you know, there are things that I will miss when they do go away.  So I thought I would share them with you.  I know that some of you moms and dads out there are overwhelmed and tired, too.  And it is so frustrating sometimes.  But lest these moments do pass so quickly (which I’m still not convinced of) let me take a moment to honor them:

  1. Little feet – I love baby feet!  And I love the way they kick their feet and legs when you pick them up!  When does that start?  Around 4 or 5 months?  When does it stop?  I don’t remember, but Violet is 14 months and she still does it.  I’m noticing it every time and I love it.
  2. The four-toothed smile – Am I right?  The teeth change their smile so much.  Violet’s two bottom teeth are close together but those top teeth are far apart.  And when I see them, all four of them, they are the cutest teeth in the world.Image
  3. We’re friends – Now I know, I know, be their mother, not their friend.  But when I asked Mazie which friends she wanted to invite to her 3rd birthday and she replied, “Mommy, and Daddy, and Grammie,” my heart melted.  She wants to invite ME to her birthday party!  Done.                                                                                                                                                                                         Image
  4. Piggies on my knee – Do any of your kids do this?  While we’re sitting at the table eating, Mazie puts her feet on my leg.  All the time.  Every time.  I love piggies on my knee.
  5. Holding them while they fall asleep – This is a no-brainer.  Who doesn’t love to hold a sleeping baby?  But as I was giving Violet her bottle the other night, I felt her warmth, felt her breath, and realized that this, too, will be gone soon.  And it’s ok, because it will be awesome to send them up to brush their teeth after eating popcorn and watching a movie together, then coming into their rooms to tuck them in… but for just a few more months, I get to hold this sweet little girl in my arms while she drifts off to sleep.  Awesome.
  6. Dueling naps in the stroller – Granted, when this happens, then we’re pretty much tied to the stroller… but I just love this.  And yes, I realize that’s two sleeping things right in a row.Image
  7. Two girls, one lap – They’re still little enough that they both fit on my lap.  Le sigh…
     So tired moms of little ones, let’s band together and get through this.  We can do it.  And you moms who have older ones, maybe, just maybe you could tell us what a great job we’re doing?  Maybe a hand on my shoulder with a “hang in there!” attached?  You survived it, but I’m pretty sure you didn’t cherish EVERY moment.  Especially the poop-filled ones!

9 thoughts on “The Things I Will Miss ~ Dana

  1. what about the people that care for 8 adorable little babies 5 days a week 8 hours a day??! Reading this strangely relates to my life everyday. Even though they’re not my kids, (thank God) but I still love there laugh, watching them sleep and rocking them when there drinking their bottles. Watching them grow into there silly personalities makes me feel good about what I am doing everyday. Yet they drive me crazy when they don’t sleep, and scream all day, cause then I hear their screams at night when I’m trying to go to sleep. HaHa.

    1. Oh Amy! You do the work that working moms and dads can’t! You are the loving arms that hold those babies and those babies are so lucky to have you. You are so wonderful!!! Yes, God bless you care-givers who really do give care and love to others’ children as if they were your own!!!

  2. I loved all the stages of my kids except 11-14. That’s the one I struggled with — I remember wishing they were babies again! And just think of all that wisdom you have to pass on that “younger” parents don’t have. That is, if you’re not too tired. 🙂

    1. It’s true that all of the stages are wonderful. And I KNOW that I’ll be wistful to return to this stage, too. I’m so blessed with these precious ones and so grateful that I’m their mama!

  3. Dana, this is wonderful! I enjoyed reading this very much.
    Here is the good news: though our children grow, many of the items on your list will not ever change. My daughter is eighteen and is still my friend, perhaps even more so now than ever. I don’t believe that it is wrong to be friends with your children as long as you are their parent too. Without my mother, daughter, and grandmother, I would have very few friends. My kids still fall asleep in my arms. We still snuggle on the couch. I can still fit them all on my lap too! Their feet are still cute, though the boys feet are offensively stinky. A bonus to those cute little feet growing is that then you can do pedicure days which are the best! They do have more than four teeth but the magic behind the smile is still in place and if they keep eating junk, they will likely return to four-toothed smiles soon enough. They do not fit in their stroller any longer but melt my heart when they fall asleep in the back seat of the car on road trips, leaning on one another:) Piggies on the knee….still and always! You will see, some things change and others never do!
    Love you Dana,
    see you in two weeks!

    1. Gina, what beautiful things to say!! Your children are so wonderful, and that is a firm testament to what an amazing mother and an amazing person you are! I am so looking forward to “big girl stuff” too! Thank you. And can’t WAIT to see you.

  4. I loved this post too, Dana. You’re an amazing mom to do everything you do. We love spending time with you and your girls. No matter what age our kids are, we will reminisce on the ‘easier days’!

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