Meet Taylor K, Photographer Extraordinaire! Special Offer for Full of Graces Readers! ~ Jen

It’s that time of year: family pictures.

Thank goodness we have moved beyond the studio portrait, where everyone looks still and plastic. But it’s hard to find a good candid photographer. Which is why I want to introduce you to ours: Taylor. She is a lovely, energetic and accommodating lady from Long Beach. Fear not, Inland Empire and points South: she came to Temecula to shoot us. She’s fabulously mobile.

We booked a Saturday in October, which is a weather crapshoot out here. The temperatures can swing between 50 degrees and 100 degrees in October. I gambled and went with wintery clothes—jeans and jewel tones. It was a gorgeous day at the farm—blue skies and pretty flowers. But it was 86 degrees.

Grumpy kids, sweaty husband and a dusty farm packed with folks two weeks before Halloween.

No problem! Within three minutes of meeting my kids, Taylor had them under her spell. Even Gabe, who is beginning to think he is too cool to smile. We got it all done in 30 minutes. For an outside shoot, that’s amazing.

And our pictures came three days later, in a zip file that we are free to print and use as we see fit. No hassle with packages, sizing, extra cost, etc.

Check these out…

Staszak10web Staszak31web Staszak06web Staszak34web

But wait, there’s more: Taylor has generously offered a 20% discount to our readers! All you have to do is “Like” our Facebook page and mention Full of Graces when you book! Woohoo!

Wedding pictures? Family pictures? Christmas pictures? Multi-generational pictures? She’s got you. Just mention us and she’ll hook you up.

She can be found at

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