The Royal Baby ~ Dana

What I’m about to tell you might surprise you, especially in light of our last post in which we proclaimed ourselves beasts. Beasts that, perhaps, have been in hibernation, but beasts nonetheless.

I’ll work you into it… Jen and I are both English teachers. You knew that. We both love Shakespeare. You aren’t surprised at that. We both have what can borderline as obsession for Downton Abbey. Are you sensing a theme? And here it comes… we are STOKED about the Royal Baby. STOKED! And we were excited about the Royal Wedding a few years ago, too. I watched it live. I used the excuse that I was up feeding my newborn baby at that ungodly hour of the night, but I watched all of the coverage from start to finish. No baby nurses for THAT long.

And my husband makes fun of me. He scoffs at the royals. He says that they ride on the backs of the taxpayers, that the modern world has no need of a royal family. “What do you care? We don’t live there,” I say. “What do you care? We don’t live there,” he answers. Well played, Hansel. Well played.

And why do we care? Here we are, a country that is in existence as a result of hating the monarchy, and yet there are lots and lots of Americans that go bonkers for this stuff. I enjoyed hearing about the Royal Wedding and the Royal Baby because for just a few mornings, reality is suspended. The television was inundated with video footage of London, and pictures of palaces, and memories of Princess Diana, and that was a lovely break from hearing about another shooting, another kidnapping, and rising gas prices.

A friend of mine on Facebook wrote that it’s also a break from our trashy celebrities. It’s all a bit Camelot thinking of the birth of a future king, isn’t it? And you know I love me some Camelot. Oh, to be Vanessa Redgrave… the dress, the crown… Richard Harris!

.gwen and arthur

And here at Full of Graces we love dressing like the Royals, too.  We love tiaras and long dresses.  We love princess parties.



So it is with open arms we welcome you, Prince George Alexander Louis!  Thank you for being a bright little spot in our day.


5 thoughts on “The Royal Baby ~ Dana

  1. I get it, I mean, I am not necessarily obsessed with William and Kate, but I am quite enamored, enter History/English nerd with the idea of royal bloodlines and Camelot and I mean we kind of had the closest thing to that with the Kennedy’s.
    Now, all we have is North West and England has Prince George Alexander Louis. . . . .sigh. Merica kinda sucks. But, soon we will have the White Queen, yay!

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