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Why the high five tunnel needs to go

This sports parenting culture that asks the meat-eaters to make themselves smaller so no one else feels badly is ridiculous.

Why We Let Her Play

On Saturday, Kate and some of her teammates found out they were badass. They’re playing basketball for the YMCA. Shea is coaching them. He’s taught them to run the 3rd and 4th grade version of the Michigan State offense. You should see my girl set a pick. It’s a thing of beauty. And she only had to set it once. The rest of the … Read More Why We Let Her Play

God is a Sports Fan

On Sunday, Gabe’s football team—which hasn’t lost a game in five years—was down 18-14 at halftime of their playoff game. We’ve only been on this team for a season so the mystique of the Undefeated is new to us. I was proud of how they all handled it. Coach kept his cool. The parents kept cheering positively, with the exception of me and Shea … Read More God is a Sports Fan

THIS was the greatest win

That kid made a big shot Monday night. And the Villanova-North Carolina game will go down as one of the greatest. But not THE greatest. And I’m not talking about Laettner. Or Edney. I’m talking about one Easter Sunday morning when I was a senior in college. I was huddled in the corner of a 1940s farmhouse in Massachusetts with my roommate’s newborn cousin … Read More THIS was the greatest win

Do One Thing Right

Coaching taught me that you better never call a time-out unless you have a plan. What in the name of sweet baby Jesus are you doing out there????? is not a plan. Once I made the commitment to come to a time-out with a plan to climb out of whatever hole we were in, I was forced to look at the game differently. I … Read More Do One Thing Right

When It Stops Being A Game

By now you must know the story of the high school football players who clocked the ref. For some insane reason, Good Morning America and Outside the Lines hosted these boys and their lawyer on Friday morning so they could rationalize their behavior. Impossible. When someone shows you who they are, believe them. The ref may have used racial slurs when referring to the … Read More When It Stops Being A Game

Surviving a Mixed Marriage

I knew it going in. And I knew what a big deal it was. Marriages have broken up over less. But Shea is such a good man. So I did what women do: I told myself he would change. For me. Or when the kids came. And if he didn’t, I resolved to stick it out no matter what. I put on a brave face … Read More Surviving a Mixed Marriage

Why I Won’t Coach My Own Kids

My brothers and I grew up playing soccer, and my dad coached us all at one point or another. It did not go well the season he coached me. The team did well, he would want me to point out. But our relationship was no bueno. We are very much alike in terms of intensity and I was at an age where I needed … Read More Why I Won’t Coach My Own Kids

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