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Chicken Soup. Basic. Healthy. Yummy.

People are sick around this time of year.  Kids are dropping off left and right from Mazie’s preschool class.  My friend and writing partner is currently quarentined up in her bedroom, diagnosed with the flu.  I’m not jealous of the sick part, but there’s a part of me that is jealous of the quarantine part.  And the codeine. If she were still local, this … Read More Chicken Soup. Basic. Healthy. Yummy.


Our most popular post ever… Soup in a Jar

We’ve made it… it’s the final week before Christmas.  If you’re like me, you’re done-ish with Christmas shopping, and you’re close to being done-ish with your wrapping.  The kids are amped up:  there are team parties, dance studio parties, preschool parties, and family parties. And you, my friend… you need an easy dinner. And guess what.  If you make a bunch of these this … Read More Our most popular post ever… Soup in a Jar

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