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The Mouse’s House

I’m hot. I’m cold. I’m thirsty. Goofy! I’m hungry. I want. No, I want. But, I want. Well I don’t want. Mom, I picked the wrong one. Yes, I already opened it and dropped it in the fountain. Oh look, Ariel! But I wanted the other one. Can we take it back? Can we? Buzz! Can we, mom? Now? Last week we went to … Read More The Mouse’s House

To be a Princess

Over time, a lot of negative things have been said about the female characters in the classic Disney fairy tale movies. The original princess, Snow White, finds her greatest worth in cooking and cleaning for seven little men. Aurora actually just sleeps until Prince Philip makes out with her, and instead of standing up to her wench of a stepmother, Cinderella passively endures abuse … Read More To be a Princess

Autumn, Disney-style ~ Dana

You all know that we love autumn, and we love Disneyland, so I had this wonderful idea to show you how awesome Disneyland looks this time of year. They have all sorts of great events going on, the biggest of which is Mickey’s Halloween Party, which we attended, of course. And I wanted to get all these lovely pictures of the girls in their … Read More Autumn, Disney-style ~ Dana

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