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Faith, Hope and Love

Look at this girl. I met her in 1994, when she was 18 months old. With those twinkly eyes and saucy curls, she worked her way into the hearts of my family. She was in my wedding: I was her Confirmation sponsor, five weeks postpartum: She loves on my babies: She went to college and she dated and that was a thing because there … Read More Faith, Hope and Love

From One Jen to Another

Dear Jen Hatmaker, I just finished Of Mess and Moxie. Thanks for the laughs. Like all good books, it taught me a lesson. I thought I should share it, because sharing is caring and all that jazz. You wrote this in Chapter 21, How To (Part Four): How to do the laundry: “8. Remember the darks! Yay, you! Despair at the light load in … Read More From One Jen to Another

From Conception to Death

October is Respect Life month in the Catholic church. Like so many Christian churches in this country, we screw it up. And in the screwing up, we drive people away. And we’re too stupid to know that we’re driving people away. Sunday, at a Catholic church in our valley, there were “Archdiocesan-mandated” petitions for signature after Mass. It was inferred from the Layman’s Minute … Read More From Conception to Death

Resounding Gongs

Re-sounding: sounding over and over and over; impossible not to hear A few weeks back I got into an argument on the sidewalk outside of school with another mom. It was religious and political and although I played dead for a loooong time, my silence was interpreted as disagreement and I was advised to speak to my pastor for guidance. At which point I … Read More Resounding Gongs

God Calling

I forgot to tell you a story about Vacation Bible School. The theme was hearing God’s call in our lives. One of the first things I knew I wanted to do was have a phone call from God every morning to kick us off. Joyce, our director of ministries, thought this was awesome sauce. Not because of the edgy, cool connection between technology and … Read More God Calling

My Darkness Into Light

It’s true that when it rains, it pours. Or maybe in the midst of great loss, when we are at our most raw and vulnerable, we feel things with greater clarity but less coping skills. I don’t know. But I can tell you that in this month of sorrow, life has gone on. Annie graduated Pre-K, which means come the Fall, I’ll have three … Read More My Darkness Into Light


  My second mom died. Her name was Sue. I introduced her to you once. She died on Mother’s Day, with her son by her side. It was sudden and shocking and we are bereft. I feel like a rat trapped in a maze. Life needs to be lived, so I get up in the mornings and I live it on that very specific … Read More Sorrowing


First, a little History of These United States That You Don’t Often Hear in History Class. There was a reason the Puritans were not welcomed in England. It’s because they were craaazzzzy. No really. Go read the source material, or just grab your kid’s 11th grade lit book. Start with William Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation. Then do some research on how they ran their … Read More Puritanical

Why I’m Grateful for My Breakdown

Today is World Maternal Mental Health Awareness Day. Inspired by Dr. Christina Hibbert, I want to tell you about the good that severe postpartum anxiety has wrought in my life. I had a day five years ago when I thought the only way out was OUT. That was my lowest point. But was also my saving grace. Because of my postpartum breakdown, I reached out … Read More Why I’m Grateful for My Breakdown

Today is Yom HaShoah

One year when I was a 10th grade teacher, my colleagues and I built a heck of a unit around Elie Wiesel’s holocaust memoir, Night. We were so proud of that unit as we planned it. The novel was the centerpiece. Then there were ancillary short stories, movie clips from Band of Brothers, Schindler’s List, The Devil’s Arithmetic. We wrote quizzes and essay prompts … Read More Today is Yom HaShoah

My Girl Martha

Two Sundays ago, the Gospel reading was the Lazarus story from John 11. It’s only glancingly about Lazarus. He died. They buried him. It’s more about Martha, who came running out to meet Jesus and speak some truth right at Him: If you had been here, he would not have died, which is a conversation we’ll be having later. Right now, you can fix … Read More My Girl Martha

My Babies Are Your Babies Are My Babies

“We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”  Steve King I have grown. I used to fear and pray for and love over only my own children. For so long, that was my measure of personal well-being, if my own babies were healthy and happy. My world was small because I was so scared. And I was scared because my world was so … Read More My Babies Are Your Babies Are My Babies

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