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Biblical Sisterhood

Two weeks ago I served on a retreat team, and made a presentation. I’m sharing it here in edited form.  The story of Ruth and Naomi in the Bible is the source of that beautiful church song “Wherever you go, I will go”. It’s popular at weddings, but the deep truth of that Scripture is about sisterhood: Once upon a time there was a … Read More Biblical Sisterhood

Question of the Day

This post is thanks to the nasty comments on an article about a priest somewhere in this nation who excoriated the local Catholic schools on his Facebook page for allowing a gay couple to serve on the annual fundraising dinner committee. You can imagine the rhetoric and vitriol that followed. I was just about to leave the comments when I noticed that this one … Read More Question of the Day

All the Devils are Here

The idea of Satan used to be unpalatable to me. He felt mythological, fairy tale-ish. A way to scare children. But that was when I wasn’t such a good listener. Since I have tried to let God be the Alpha Dog in my life, the existence of dynamic evil is something I can’t ignore. At the risk of sounding all Jonathan Edwards, I need … Read More All the Devils are Here

What If Judas Had Lived?

Three weeks ago, I did a walk through Holy Week for the Sunday School kids. In order to get it right, I had to sit down with all four Gospels next to each other. I’ve never looked at the Passion that way before. Having all four together helped me see some things I didn’t remember. For instance, the naked dude in Mark. But also, … Read More What If Judas Had Lived?

Yeah, but why is he yelling?

Most of the protesters drove by in cars. But this guy stood on our side of the street. Since we were walking on the sidewalk, he was standing in the bushes, inches from the marchers. “WE NEED OUR GUNS” he yelled. “WE AREN’T SAFE HERE.” Then, strangely “IF YOU DON’T LIKE GUNS, GO TO MEXICO.” A grandmother in front of us stopped. She spoke … Read More Yeah, but why is he yelling?

Spiritual Gifts

Every time someone hands me a personality test, they laugh. I’ve gotten used to this and I understand it. My personality is not a light hidden under a bushel. It shines like a beacon in the night and speaks with a voice loud and clear. Last week, I took a Spiritual Gifts test for a retreat team I’ve joined. At least this time, the … Read More Spiritual Gifts

The Want Monster

We’ve lived in our smaller house for a year now. It’s been an adjustment, but we’ve figured it out. Mostly. Just don’t open the hallway closet. Still, as another birthday passes and the weather turns towards Spring, my heart starts to want. More square footage. A third bathroom. A self-cleaning dog run. I cruise the MLS and Pinterest. I dream. At some point, the … Read More The Want Monster

We Will Rise

This post first appeared last year. When I reread it this morning, I realized that it means something different to me today than it did last year. And since it’s still January, I reflected: In the last year, did I rise? The story of the eagle who thought he was a chicken is a reminder to all of us that we are gifted by … Read More We Will Rise

Gut Check

This picture. It’s from the Women’s March in 2017, but the message resonates even a year. Maybe more, after Charlottesville and Roy Moore and #metoo and all the other mind boggling crap that happened this year. I didn’t vote for Trump, because I’m a pro-life Christian. But I’m white and I KNOW that with those lame ass pink hats and the Sisterhood of the … Read More Gut Check

Grow Good Coconuts

In our church we celebrate Epiphany—Little Christmas, or the arrival of the Wise Men—as evidence that Jesus was sent to save us all, not just the Jews. King of ALL Kings, baby. Everybody’s in. Christians have been known to forget this. We all like to think our church is the best, even though we know that’s not the name of the game. The Wise … Read More Grow Good Coconuts

With Grateful Voices

You might be tempted to kick 2017 in the behind and then slam the door on it tonight. I sure was. Then on the way to church this morning, Kate said she was going to miss 2017. I snorted, but Shea asked her why. We swam with turtles! she said. Yeah, and my football team had a really great season, said Gabe. And I … Read More With Grateful Voices

Emmanuel is Coming!

I know you still have your fat pants on. But Advent is coming. I’m not rushing you. I have glad tidings: This year we have a whole week to get ready. None of this Thanksgiving on Thursday, Advent starts on Sunday madness. Seven days, sisters. Find your advent calendars. Or if–like me–you aren’t allowed to disturb the carefully crafted storage box fort in the … Read More Emmanuel is Coming!

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