How do we walk with the Lord on His journey? Especially in this year of so much change and uncertainty. Surrender. Endure. Grieve. Resurrect. That’s how.

Day #1: Surrender

Can I introduce my sister, Denell?

Just to clarify, because after watching her video, it’s possible you might think we are actual sisters. We’re not. But like attracts like and Denell exploded into my life on a retreat in 2016.

She is the owner/creator of Coffee As You Are, a Catholic online community. Just recently she quit her day job to dive into spiritual coaching full time–so recently that her website, is still being rebuilt. But you can find her on Facebook and Instagram (@coffeeasyouare).

We asked her to guest for us during Holy Week because, in her own words, she “LOVES Holy Week!” She’s a Catholic convert, and converts come into the church at the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday–so Holy Week takes on another meaning for them. But I’ll let her tell you:

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