Us in a Pear Orchard

When Kate was a toddler, I decided that one thing we would pay for every year was family photos.

We had a photographer we loved in So Cal.

Her name is Taylor K and we love her still, but 750 miles is a bit far for a house call.

Finding a new photographer is a big deal. Because if you get it wrong…

So I asked my local friends for referrals.

Meet Tonya Poitevint.


I know. Doesn’t she just look awesome? She was. She had so much energy, and energy is a requirement when working with my family. Because WE ARE COMING AT YOU. It’s just how we roll.

And this year, Kate was her own special brand of party.

Mom, do you think Miss Tonya can take 35 pictures just of me?

Well I don’t know Kate. There are five of us here and we only have two hours. Plus you’ve already had some pretty great poses.

Mom, there are HUNDREDS more where those came from.

We shot at RoxyAnn Winery and Farm, in their pear orchard.  We had chosen another venue, but at the last moment needed to switch. The folks at RoxyAnn welcomed us generously and without a thought. That’s kind of a big deal when your kids are wearing outfits that will expire in the next hour.

As luck would have it, Sue—who is Annie’s godmother—was visiting so we got some wonderful pics of them together.








Gabriel started in his suit for his First Communion portraits.








Kate brought the sass. I love the confidence in her eyes. I will crush the person who ever tries to take that light from her.








And Annie…well. There’s just something about that third kid.








We had so much fun taking these pictures with Tonya. There was a grumpy old lady. We shook it off. The sun was going down, fast. No worries. It got cold. She was shooting in a tank top! She’s patient and friendly and fun. We’re so grateful for her talent and the way she captured the spirit of our kids.


See more of Tonya’s work at Tonya Poitevint Photography. If you are local to Southern Oregon, you gotta check her out!


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