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There You Are

This is my reflection on going back to work. I knew there was going to be a learning curve. I knew I was going to feel incompetent and frustrated. I picked it anyway. And in the midst of week two of a twelve week training, as I listened to the very smart, very successful man on the screen talk about all the ways we … Read More There You Are

For the Rookies, on the First Day of School

For the rookies in 2015-2016! At the very core of education, in your own classroom, there is nothing like the magic of educating kids. Nothing. You see moments in a kid’s life, flashes of brilliance and frustration; you hear them laugh, you see them cry. You are mom, friend, sister; you are at once the coolest cat and the biggest bitch; you will love … Read More For the Rookies, on the First Day of School

When Facebook Calls You Skim Milk

You know how something stupid can get you thinking? Last week one of my friends posted “Which TV mom are you?” The pictures were of Claire Huxtable, Roseanne and Peg Bundy. I am Claire, minus the law degree I thought to myself. No nonsense, fair, funny. For sure. And then I got Cindy Walsh from Beverly Hills 90210. Dang. Cindy was skim milk—good for … Read More When Facebook Calls You Skim Milk

Slowing Wonder Woman Down

My younger self would have seen this statement as a challenge and asked with a saucy smile, “Are you sure about that?” This older and wiser version of me knows better and actually grieves the years I spent trying to be too many things to too many people. My mantra used to be “I got this” with little thought to whether I needed to … Read More Slowing Wonder Woman Down

Ten Years

Ten years is a long time to be married to someone.  –Gwyneth Paltrow Dear Gwyneth, I’ve been married ten years in November and it has gone by in a silly blur. When we got married, my nephew Wyatt was a tiny bump under his mom’s bridesmaid dress. He’s going to be nine in June—nine!  Behind him came seven more grandkids in seven years and … Read More Ten Years

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