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Humble Pie ~ Jen

One of the great things about being anywhere Disney is this: ain’t no one judging anyone, since we are all one dropped ice cream cone away from the Mother of All Meltdowns. There are still moments that test this collective patience. It was my fault, since Anne had been in a swim diaper for five hours. First she was playing in the water at … Read More Humble Pie ~ Jen

Eve, Modesty and Baby Bikinis ~ Jen

I found a pair of shoes at Nordstrom’s Rack that struck me, so I took a picture of them and uploaded to Instagram: My 20 year old niece responded that they were “SO CUTE!!!! Where are you? Do they have my size???” She thought they were grown up shoes. They aren’t. I found them in the toddler section. Size 12. This Spring, as the … Read More Eve, Modesty and Baby Bikinis ~ Jen

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