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Into the Desert–A different way to think about Lent

I have always tried to find a better way to come at Lent with my kids. This year is no different, as we are 1 day out and Annie is settled on giving up the monkey bars. God bless her little heart, she loves her some monkey bars. It’s probably too much to expect a 7-year-old to be reflective, but Gabe and Kate are … Read More Into the Desert–A different way to think about Lent

All the Devils are Here

The idea of Satan used to be unpalatable to me. He felt mythological, fairy tale-ish. A way to scare children. But that was when I wasn’t such a good listener. Since I have tried to let God be the Alpha Dog in my life, the existence of dynamic evil is something I can’t ignore. At the risk of sounding all Jonathan Edwards, I need … Read More All the Devils are Here

What If Judas Had Lived?

Three weeks ago, I did a walk through Holy Week for the Sunday School kids. In order to get it right, I had to sit down with all four Gospels next to each other. I’ve never looked at the Passion that way before. Having all four together helped me see some things I didn’t remember. For instance, the naked dude in Mark. But also, … Read More What If Judas Had Lived?

Big Things

    Last week, I watched my 9 year old swim out to an anchored platform on a lake, climb up the mossy ladder and jump off again. By herself. Two days later, I took this picture. It was 9:30 pm and the water was pitch black, but their feet did not falter. They flew off the end of that dock like there wasn’t … Read More Big Things

Election Day

  Here we are. I voted and you voted and lots and lots of people have voted. Democracy has run its course. But I kind of feel like the teenager who crashed the car and then tried to cover up the big dent in the fender. It’s an exercise in futility. We can’t hide the damage. And we did it. We let it get … Read More Election Day

The Mother Becomes a Saint

When I sit at Mass and listen to the scripture readings, I try to quiet my mind and be led. But things pop up anyway. Like Sunday, I got stuck on Paul’s letter to Philemon. Onesimus?? Who’s that guy??? But then we got to the Gospel and I was swept into the concept of “pick up your cross and follow me”. I’m sure it’s … Read More The Mother Becomes a Saint

The Power of Mothers

  You know we have great moms. You know we aspire to be great like them. On Sunday we will celebrate them in love and thanksgiving. We will also patiently endure the love offerings of our own chicken nuggets. At the dinner table this week, Kate asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day. I said “No jewelry. No appliances. Nothing for the kitchen.” … Read More The Power of Mothers

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