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Loaves and Love

We paid off the new church. We got a new pastor. The newly paid off church almost burned up in a wildfire. The new pastor had to be threatened to put down the garden hose and leave the church in the face of the wildfire. For your personal edification, I asked my dad (He Who Used To Work For A Bishop) if there was … Read More Loaves and Love

The Church needs to BE CHURCH

  A few weeks ago, Glennon of Momastery announced that she is in a relationship with international soccer super star Abby Wambach. Since Glennon writes from a (fairly fluid) Christian perspective, this caused somewhat of a ruckus. Glennon’s announcement follows on the heels-ish of Jen Hatmaker’s statement in support of gay marriage last Spring. The Christian right is a wee bit peeved at the … Read More The Church needs to BE CHURCH

When Children Fight in Church

Saturday night at church, Gabe and Kate had a fight over whose foot could rest on the bottom of the leg of the kneeler. Not on the kneeler—the kneeler was up. And there was six good feet of folded kneeler available for foot-resting. They were fighting over the 2 inch rubber square on the bottom of the kneeler leg that was sticking up in … Read More When Children Fight in Church

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