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Called to Less

Last weekend we met the coolest family camping. The kids met first, as kids will do in a campground. Kate and Ezra were a perfect match, two cuties in glasses laid out on a blanket playing with their dolls. Her younger brother Phoenix, and Annie, just a year apart, took to each other like fish and water. There was a dump truck involved, and lots of … Read More Called to Less

Summer 2015: Camp Happy Update

Clear water swimming is a lot less stressful than ocean water swimming. (Except when your son yells “Mom, I found an underwater cave!” and you tell him not to swim through it and he already did. That’s stressful, maybe even more than the thought of a shark lurking in the surf.) We have enjoyed swimming holes and rainbow trout nibbling our toes and water … Read More Summer 2015: Camp Happy Update

The Dog Who Cried Monster

We have these two dogs. Sugar is 12 and the greatest dog in the history of dogs. Seriously. Lizzie is almost 3. She is not the greatest dog. She is not even the greatest basset hound. She has a very pure heart, but she’s 70 lbs of ready, fire, aim. She and Sugar rarely see eye to eye and as Sugar gets older and … Read More The Dog Who Cried Monster

Surviving a Mixed Marriage

I knew it going in. And I knew what a big deal it was. Marriages have broken up over less. But Shea is such a good man. So I did what women do: I told myself he would change. For me. Or when the kids came. And if he didn’t, I resolved to stick it out no matter what. I put on a brave face … Read More Surviving a Mixed Marriage

Road Trip!

We just got home from a family road trip where we drove this many miles: The kids were rock stars. I mean…rock solid rock stars. We drove in 12 hour increments and they stood it. No tears, no whining, no fights. Before you think we are raising angels, please. We have a 3rd row seat. Separation is the key to happiness, folks. We stopped … Read More Road Trip!

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